UK Xbox Fans Can Get 6 Months Of Game Pass Ultimate For The Price Of 3

There has literally never been a time when gaming is as necessary as it is right now, so any deals put out there are of extra value.

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo have all had sales going this spring, and gamers could find discounts on titles year-round as there’s always a promotion going about. But with more people forced to stay at home now than ever before (in recent memory at least) deals are more sought after.

UK outlet Frugal Gaming has a neat Xbox special going on at the moment, with six months of Game Pass Ultimate now available for the price of three. So £32.99 could get you six months of access as opposed to three.

The site promises two stackable codes that need to be redeemed individually, before May 14. Also, if you already have Live Gold or Game Pass, your remaining time will be upgraded to Ultimate so it’s best to redeem whatever codes you already have prior to the ones being offered in this deal. You could then redeem Gold and Game Pass codes towards the value of an Ultimate month and, if you want to downgrade, you could simply wait for the Ultimate plan to end before rejoining.

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