Ultra Instinct Sign Goku Won The Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 DLC Poll, Surprising No One

Ultra Instinct Sign Goku is being added to Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 after winning a community poll.

It might surprise you to learn that Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, which released back in 2016, is still receiving regular DLC and updates to this day. To mix things up a bit, Bandai Namco decided to let players vote on which character they wanted to see next, giving them a choice between Ultra Instinct Sign Goku, GT Vegeta, Bergamo, Dyspo, and the Dragon Ball Super version of Android 18.

Surprising absolutely no one, Ultra Instinct Sign Goku was the winner of the community vote and is now going to be added to the game later this summer. A short trailer showcased Ultra Instinct Sign Goku in action, showing him using the Ultra Instinct roar and some powerful combos. For those unaware, Ultra Instinct Sign is the underdeveloped version of the transformation and is what Goku used when going up against Kefla in the anime.

Despite the fact that the community voted on this version of Goku being added to the game, there's been a bit of a negative reaction to his inclusion, mostly due to the fact that we've already got a ton of different versions of Goku in the game, including the fully powered version of Ultra Instinct. Some also thought that Ultra Instinct Goku was always going to win the vote, making it pointless considering how popular the character is.

Although GT Vegeta and Dragon Ball Super Android 18 would also be characters based on some already in the game, they're at least a little more distinct, and GT Vegeta in particular is a variant that players have been wanting for some time. A lot of players were calling for either Bergamo or Dyspo to be added to the game, as they're completely original fighters that aren't just another variant of one we've already got.

If you didn't get the character you were hoping for, Shenron's final words in the trailer "I'm still waiting for your next wish" might imply that more of the characters from the vote are on the way.

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