Unused Sonic Frontiers Dialogue Confirms Sonic Fancies Amy

Sonic and Amy have always had a will-they-wont-they sort of deal. Since Amy got fed up with being a damsel in distress, she's been working on herself to gain Sonic's respect, wielding her hammer with strength that rivals that of even Knuckles! And although Sonic still seems cool to Amy's advances, it's clear that he's come to consider her a dear friend and ally in the fight against Dr. Robotnik.

As of Sonic Frontiers, however, that respect might have finally blossomed into something more. Another video from YouTuber Faz Faz seems to imply that Sonic cares for Amy more than he lets on.

Several Sonic voice lines refer to Amy, noting how he could "really use her help finding Tails," and how he's "really worried" about her. But besides being concerned for his lost friend, he also seems to genuinely miss her.

"Gotta bring Amy back here when it's over. She'll love it," Sonic muses in one line, while in another he daydreams about what it would be like to share an umbrella with Amy during a rainy day in Sonic Frontiers' opening zone.

But Sonic truly bears all in this line: "Amy… I should've made up my mind sooner."

Fans have been shipping Sonic and Amy for decades, but this could very well be the first time he's admitted his feelings in a mainline Sonic game–if only to himself, anyway.

We should also note that this voice line is still unused as of the time of this writing, although Sega may yet implement it. Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto said that the game has "a long way to go," suggesting Sega will support its first open-world Sonic game with future updates. Those updates will likely first fix Frontiers’ technical issues, but adding content isn’t out of the question.

Sega is also looking to further integrate the Sonic franchise, so even if future games don’t explore the Sonic/Amy relationship, perhaps comics, cartoons, and movies will.

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