V Rising: Complete Guide To Prisoners

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Strong blood can be hard to come by in V Rising, so you will definitely want to set up a prison room. In a prison, you can place cells and keep strong-blooded enemies and feed on them whenever you need strong blood. Setting up a prison can't be done at the start of the game, so we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to set up a prison and manage your prisoners. Doing this is completely optional, but it will provide you will blood so you don't have to rely on tainted hearts or rats. First, let's take a look at how to unlock Prison Cells.

Unlocking Prison Cells

To unlock the Prison Cell, you will first need to defeat Vincent the Frostbringer. This is a level 40 V Blood Carrier that you can find near the Militia Encampment in the center of Dunley Farmlands.

Be careful when fighting Vincent; there are a lot of other enemies here, including other V Blood Carriers that might walk along the path.

Once you defeat Vincent the Frostbringer, the recipe for the Prison Cell will unlock. To build a Prison Cell, you will need just 12 Iron Ingots, which can be made by processing Iron Ore at the Furnace.

Making A Prison Room

With the Prison Cell unlocked and enough materials in your inventory, you can now build your very own prison room. This can be done by creating a closed room in your castle with enough space for a few Prison Cells.

For maximum efficiency, you will also want to have Prison Flooring. This is a recipe that can unlock once you have the third tier of the technology research station, called the Athenaeum.

This will unlock once you defeat Raziel the Shepherd, found in Dunley Monastery.

At the Athenaeum, you will be able to use schematics to research various blueprints. This is a bit RNG based, but you will have a chance to unlock the Prison Flooring.

Alternatively, you may also find the Prison Flooring book while killing enemies. This can be used in place of schematics to unlock a specific recipe.

With the Prison Floor, your prisoners will take less damage when you extract blood. You can also unlock the recipe for Prison Walls, but this will not impact the Prison Cell.

Luring In Prisoners

To have prisoners, you will first need to charm human enemies to follow you back to your castle.

Dominating Presence is an ability that will gain through completing main objectives. To use it, hold 'Cntrl' and target an enemy. Doing so will cause you to cast this spell, and once successful, you will have a charmed human following you. This spell works better on enemies with low HP, so be sure to attack your target first.

With the human in tow, you can return to the prison room of your castle and interact with a Prison Cell. If your charmed human followed you back without dying, then you can place them inside the cell.

You will not be able to increase the blood type percentage of a prisoner. Because of this, try to capture prisoners that have stronger blood.

If you defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter, you will be able to use the Blood Hunger ability, which displays the blood quality of nearby enemies, allowing you to do a quick scan for a good prisoner candidate.

Prisoner Interaction Screen

Now, it's time to interact with your prisoner. When you do so, you will see a screen with the following options.

  • Drain Blood
  • Extract Blood Essence
  • Feed Prisoner
    • There are four feeding options to choose from, including rats and a variety of fish.

    To drain blood, you will need to have an empty glass bottle on hand. This will fill the bottle while causing them to lose some HP. Luckily, you can increase a prisoner's HP by feeding them.

    We recommend having a Vermin Nest where you can attract rats. To spawn rats, you just need some Plant Fibre and Bones.

    Prisoners will also have Misery. This will influence how much damage the prisoner takes while you drain their blood. For example, with higher levels of Misery, draining blood will take a large chunk of HP.

    To decrease Misery, be sure to feed your prisoners. Certain foods can reduce Misery, which is essential if you plan to keep your prisoner for a long period of time.

    Can You Release Prisoners?

    Prisoners can be re-charmed or killed if you want to remove them from the cell that they are currently in.

    With a prisoner re-charmed, you can bring them to other cells or turn them into a servant. If you choose to kill the prisoner, you will no longer be able to use them.

    That's all there is to know about prisoners in V Rising. Be on the lookout for enemies with strong blood so you can charm them!

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