V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Grayson The Armourer

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V Rising is a survival game that emphasises its gameplay over creating an intricate story, and the majority of early bosses in the game are themed around breaking the Bandits' control on Farbane Woods. One of the best early-game boss fights is Grayson The Armourer, who provides an enjoyable challenge and some great aesthetic rewards to help spice up your castle building.

This guide will instruct you as to Grayson the Armourer's location, his moveset, the recommended strategy for defeating him, and what rewards you will earn should you emerge victorious.

Grayson The Armourer's Location

Grayson The Armourer is a level 27 boss located in the highest section of the Bandit Armory in Farbane Woods. To reach his arena, you must travel all the way up the hill, defeating various groups of Bandits. Grayson will be standing alone in his enclosed arena at the very peak.

A lot of these Bandit groups will contain a Thief, who can be a very irritating enemy to fight. They will often turn invisible before running towards you at high speed. Upon exiting stealth they will perform a frontal slash that will stun you for a few seconds. Make sure to evade them with Veil of Blood to avoid being crowd controlled.

Scattered throughout the camp are numerous Armour Stands. Upon interacting with one, you will be granted a temporary Invincibility buff. However, the buff makes you unable to use items or cast any ability, limiting its use in combat. The main purpose of this buff is to safely travel past groups of mobs, although the duration is not especially long, and you will need multiple to reach the top.

There are no adds to clear out in Grayson's arena, so you can get right on with fighting him. However, there are four Armour Stands you can use, should you need a few seconds of safety.

Battle Strategy

Grayson the Armourer possesses strong melee attacks, so fighting him at a distance is recommended. However, he will complicate this by repeatedly throwing multiple Caltrops onto the ground.These will deal damage and slow you for a short duration. The Armour Stands' Invincibility will negate both of these effects, which can be a great way of clearing out a safe area to stand in, but this is not strictly necessary. Depending on how quickly you can burn Grayson down, you may never need to clear any. The traps will not despawn, and so over time the arena fills up, with Grayson having a semi-enrage due to this time limitation.

Grayson will also charge forwards in a straight line, knocking you back should you get caught. While an easy ability to dodge, be aware of your positioning, as taking a Caltrops slow may cause you to get hit. He will also perform a spinning melee attack, but again if you are at range this should not be a problem.

Grayson's other ability is to throw three spinning axes. These will fan out from in front of him and move relatively quickly. You will most likely be hit by some of these throughout the fight, but they do not inflict very much damage and are nothing major to worry about.

Your best bet is to go with a high DPS strategy and try to burn Grayson down as quickly as possible. A combo of Shadowbolt and Chaos Volley powers will give you strong ranged spells, and the Sword weapon will provide the highest damage choice. Be aggressive and try to maintain damage on him at all times, thereby skipping the Caltrops timer.

For gear, Nightstalker Armour will provide you with sufficient defense, and a Merciless Copper weapon will be easily good enough to bring him down.

Grayson The Armourer's Rewards

As far as rewards go, Grayson does not provide much in the way of increasing your player power. His Crimson Aegis spell is quite nice, and can be very useful if you are playing in a large group. Support abilities are rare in V Rising, and so this can offer you a different kind of playstyle compared to constantly rushing to deal damage. This Aegis will shield a friendly target for a few seconds and knock back enemies from their location.

Grayson will also provide you with the Whetstone crafting recipe, which can be a great way of increasing your supply. You will now be able to craft them in your Furnace, using a Copper Ingot and twelve Stone Dust. Whetstones are used in many recipes, and up until this point you will have had to farm them from regular Bandits, so this can be a nice quality of life improvement.

Grayson's other rewards are purely cosmetic, as he will grant you the Longboard and Five-Finger Workboards, as well as an assortment of Statue recipes. These can really add a great gothic look to your castle, and will be appreciated if you are a player who enjoys house-building and decorating.

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