Valheim Player Takes Bobsledding To The Extreme With Massive Icy Boat Ramp

Someone has created a massive boat ramp in Valheim, which is perfect for bobsledding, but only ends in disaster. Redditor HotGUUUU recently shared a post on the Valheim Reddit page that featured their incredible build of a boat ramp, using only wooden rooftop pieces.

The 52-second video shows the player atop a tall, sloping ramp getting ready to set up the greatest bobsled of all time. It looks like the ramp was built upwards to the top of a snowy mountain so it clearly took a lot of time and effort. While the player is setting up they use Valheim’s cheat source to spawn a boat at the peak of the ramp, and then it’s go time.

The player removes the pieces of wood securing the boat in place which makes the boat soar down the ramp at high speed. It’s kind of ridiculous how great the ramp works out, that is until the game’s framerate begins to drop dramatically due to so many textures and assets flying by at once.

As the boat reaches the end of the ramp, the boat and player are flung into the air and spin around multiple times before hitting the seawater, but it seems bugged out because the boat just bounces off the surface. At this point, it looks like the player’s game is about to crash with how laggy it becomes, but somehow the player lands safely… but stuck in a tree.

Since the game launched in Early Access at the beginning of February, players have been building some fantastic creations with some people even building entire ports, Viking longhouses, and other complex structures. One player, if you can believe it, even recreated Sauron’s Tower from The Lord of the Rings.

Valheim has had a hell of a month, with the game surpassing four million units sold on Steam. Along with that, the survival game exceeding over 500,000 concurrent players at one point, making it the most played game on Steam at the time.

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