VALORANT Dev Says Gloves, Agent Skins Are “On The Table”

New VALORANT cosmetic options like gloves and agent skins are “on the table,” says game researcher Lea “aeneia” Hughes. The topic was brought up in a recent AMA hosted on the VALORANT Subreddit, where the game’s cosmetics designers answered fans’ burning questions about in-game skins.

While agent skins aren’t likely to reach the game anytime soon, multiple devs did comment on the possibility of their future addition. Reddit user Vinayak98 asked the art developers whether they’d “ever consider Agent skins or skins for abilities” such as Jett’s Blade Storm knives or Killjoy’s Turret.

Aeneia responds, saying agent skins, such as gloves, ability reskins, and even complete overhauls, are the things fans ask for the most. “We’ve for sure talked about them, but executing on them requires A TON of strategy work and a TON of testing,” she says. Aeneia adds that the last thing the VALORANT team wants is to fall short on delivering something in such high demand, “or worse – ruin the competitive integrity of the game.”

Aeneia clarifies by saying that agent skins (whether it be gloves, ability reskins, or agent model skins) are a “big project,” and she can’t say whether or not the team is committed to taking it on. However, “the conversation is FOR SURE on the table,” she says.

VALORANT art lead Sean “Oniram” Marino responded to another similar question, saying agent skins “take a lot of time and effort even to just consider all the options, variables and ways of executing.” Oniram states that what’s available in-game right now is what the team is capable of at the moment, though they plan to explore more options “in the future.”

While full-on agent reskins may not be available for a while (if ever), glove skins may be a more realistic future addition. Similar to CS:GO’s gloves, these could be especially valuable as they are visible for the entirety of the game.

No agent skins, gloves, or ability reskins have been confirmed for VALORANT. As Aeneia states, the conversation for them is “on the table,” though a timeline for their addition has not been released.

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