VALORANT Devs Say Tournaments Will Get Dedicated Servers Soon

Professional VALORANT tournaments will get their own private servers soon, says Riley Yurk, the game’s esports strategy manager, in the latest Ask VALORANT blog post. Yurk states that “Tournament Realms” are in the works for competitive matches. The blog post also addresses a way to check hours played, and transferring account regions without losing progress or purchased skins.

The server question comes after a rocky patch 1.11 cause some disruption around the time of the First Strike qualifiers. The question asker wonders if the VALORANT development team has considered having tournament patches exist on their own servers. VALORANT esports strategy manager Riley Yurk answers, stating that Tournament Realms, or private servers, are “something [they’re] actively pursuing.”

For the First Strike qualifiers, the team used a “separate patchline” for competitive matches. This has allowed the team to keep esports matches separate from the live servers, which receive updates every two weeks. Riot will keep this in place throughout the First Strike main event.

Yurk explains that Tournament Realms will give Riot more control over the in-game esports environment, as the team is “extremely focused on competitive integrity.” They will eventually have rules for which patches can be used in competitive matches in order to “help create the best environment for competitive play.”

Another player wonders if they will ever be able to check how many hours they’ve spent playing VALORANT, a feature included in many video games and game launch platforms. VALORANT revenue strategist Miles Metzger explains that they want players to show off their time spent in-game, and that they’re “still exploring the most exciting way to do so.” The feature should be added to the game at some point in the future.

The final question asks if players will ever be able to transfer account regions without losing their purchased skins and game progress. VALORANT senior producer Naoise Creaven says this issue is important, and it’s “on [their] list behind a couple of other critical priorities for VALORANT.” A fix will likely be available sometime in the middle of 2021.

The First Strike event, the first Riot-sponsored competitive VALORANT tournament, will begin its regional final stage on December 3rd.

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