Valorant Patch Makes Omen Invincible So Riot Removes Him From The Game

Riot’s tactical multiplayer FPS Valorant came up against a bit of an issue after its most recent patch allowed one of its Agents – Omen – to become literally invincible. Whoops!

The game’s developers quickly removed him from the game entirely in response, but not before some video footage could get captured showing the somewhat problematic effect this had in the game. The patch itself apparently didn’t make Omen invulnerable, but boosted his power big time such that – when combined with a simple glitch that some players discovered – he did indeed become invincible.

And you think it stops there? Nah.

Along with this, there’s another glitch that made Omen even more impossible to beat. This one let the character cross beyond the maps’ spawn barriers which are put in place at the beginning of each round to prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening. Namely, the ability to slip into advantageous positions before any other players even get the chance to say, “Hey look, Omen is slipping into advantageous positions.”

So not only was Omen made invulnerable, but he was also able to be invulnerable whilst camping out at the top of big boxes and the like.

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In response to this small oversight, Riot Games decided to remove Omen completely from the game seeing as there was clearly something wrong with the character himself rather than any issues with the maps. In fact, Omen has been a pretty buggy Agent for a while now – even all the way back since the game’s beta.

But don’t worry, Omen was only gone for a little while at least. By the time you read this, he should be back in the game – hopefully without the omnipotency. The developers have by now performed a hotfix to try and rectify things.

Valorant’s latest 1.07 patch also made some changes in that it buffed Viper and Breach a bit, and nerfed both Sage and the game’s latest Agent Killjoy.

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