VALORANT: Phantom Or Vandal?

With the successful closed-beta launch of VALORANT, players have been taking to the servers to show off their tactical FPS prowess. The core of the game lies in tense gun fights and the wide variety of weapons available might be overwhelming for those just coming in. Some guns stand out among others, though, and two of the best are in the rifle class; Phantom and Vandal. Both guns come at a pretty steep price point, making them a valuable weapon to take down opponents. Let’s take a look at what each gun has to offer.


The Phantom is the fastest shooting rifle at 11 rounds-per-second. It’s also unique as it’s the only one in its class to have damage fall-off. It can take out a fully-armored opponent (150) with a precise headshot within 0-15 meters, doing 156 damage in the process. At the 16-30 meter range, a headshot does 140 damage. Finally, a headshot from 31-50 meters does 124 damage.

Bodyshots in VALORANT have a significant damage reduction compared to headshots, though. Each body shot from the Phantom at 0-15 meters will do 39 damage. It does 35 damage from 16-30 meters and 31 damage from 31-50 meters.

The damage drop-off for the Phantom does come with its advantages, though. The Phantom has a lower recoil compared to the other rifles, making it easier to control the bullet spray. It also has invisible bullet tracers which will make an opponent’s life harder as they try to pinpoint the player’s location.


The Vandal also costs 2,900, tying it for the most expensive gun in the rifle class. It doesn’t shoot as fast as the Phantom, though, at only 9.25 rounds-per-second. What it lacks in speed, it makes up in fire power.

It has no damage fall-off and with a headshot doing 156 damage from any range, players with pinpoint precision can dispose of fully-armored opponent’s no matter the distance. It also does 39 damage for each body shot.

The Vandal sacrifices a bit of bullet-control for it’s higher damage potential. It has more recoil than the Phantom and no invisible bullet tracers. Those who can master controlling these factors should find great success with it.

Both guns are some of the strongest weapons in VALORANT. For players newer to the tactical FPS scene and not used to controlling bullet spray and recoil, the Phantom might be the weapon for them. Those capable of handling those issues might be better off with the higher damage potential of the Vandal. Either choice, both guns are capable of handling a gun fight with any opponent, making them arguably the best weapons in the game.

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