VALORANT Re-enables Killjoy, Fixes Sage Wall Exploit

Genius agent Killjoy has been reintroduced to VALORANT, developer Riot Games announced last night. Killjoy had been temporarily removed from the game earlier this week due to a game-breaking exploit that allowed her to place her Turret under the game’s maps. The quick patch also brings a fix for a Sage wall glitch that would allow Omen to teleport around the map during the pre-round buy phase.

German inventor Killjoy was removed from VALORANT on Monday night in order to address a bug that would allow her Turret to sit under the map. Killjoy’s Turret is her signature ability, meaning she gets one for free at the start of each round. Normally, this little machine is used to alert her and her teammates to approaching or flanking enemies. The Turret shoots damage-dealing rounds at enemies, briefly drawing their attention away as they shoot the machine down.

When placed underneath the map, the Turret would be shrouded from enemy view while still working as intended. The machine would still alert Killjoy to approaching enemies, and deal damage to them, but the enemy players would not be able to shoot it down. Riot Games has now confirmed that this has been patched out, and Killjoy was re-enabled in the game last night.

Riot also addressed a glitch involving Omen’s teleport and Sage’s wall. The exploit would allow Sage to build her Barrier Orb wall partly inside the pre-round zone barriers and partly outside. With another player standing right against the zone barrier, Omen could teleport directly in front of them using Shadow Step. This would place Omen outside the barrier, allowing him to roam the map freely before anyone else could leave their designated areas.

To fix this, Riot has disabled Sage’s ability to cast the Barrier Orb in the pre-round phase. The announcement Tweet explains that Omen was using it to “teleport to inappropriate locations.” According to Riot, these three agents should be “working as intended” now.

VALORANT’s next update will likely be patch 1.13, which is expected to come sometime in the next few weeks. A game producer recently confirmed that this update would bring in some additional changes to help combat smurfs in lower ranked competitive matches.

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