Valorant release date: Is Valorant coming to PS4 and Xbox One? – Latest from Riot Games

The Valorant Closed Beta is the next stage in Riot Games launching the competitive new first-person shooter. Offering a mix of gameplay that has made CS:GO and Overwatch so popular, Valorant will be a free download when it does launch. Riot Games has confirmed that they want to see Valorant become playable to everyone on PC by Summer 2020.

So PC gamers should expect the Valorant release date to be set between July and September 2020.

But while we know a lot about the Valorant release on PC, console gamers want in on the action too.

Questions are being raised about whether Valorant will have a release date on PS4 and Xbox One.

And if so, can we expect more Valorant betas popping up during 2020?

While there is plenty of interest in the launch of Valorant on PS4 and Xbox One, it doesn’t look like it’s happening in 2020.

Riot Games has not ruled out the idea of Valorant coming to other platforms and it seems very possible that the future could hold some exciting news on the subject.

But it seems a lot of effort is going into making the game competitive and enjoyable on PC over the coming months.


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The current closed beta is being held so that fan feedback can be used to help iron out the bugs.

So if Valorant proves very popular on PC, there is no reason to believe it won’t come to consoles in the future.

Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends show how popular free-to-play titles can be on consoles.

And while Overwatch 2 looks set to keep gamers busy, there’s always room for more team-based choice.

The latest news on the subject came during a stream on Twitch, being held on the TimTheTatMan channel.

It included Valorant lead designer Trevor Romleski answering the question of whether a console launch is being planned.

Romleski answered: “Our focus right now is on PC. We’re open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms, but for the time being what our current focus is, is on the PC platform.”

It’s a standard answer for those waiting on Valorant PS4 and Xbox One game news and doesn’t provide much in the way of a timeframe.

But with other Riot Games projects coming to console in the future – Like League of Legends Wild Rift – the chances of something being announced in the future seem high. More news on the current Valorant Closed Beta can be found below:

Will VALORANT closed beta be playable in my region?

If you’re playing from either Canada, United States, Russia, Turkey, or Europe, you have a chance to get in the closed beta. Getting the closed beta in the hands of players outside of those regions is not possible at this time, unfortunately. Our official VALORANT channels will update you if the situation changes.

Does my closed beta progress carry over to launch?

No. VALORANT’s current gameplay state may very well change come launch, and it’s better that everyone’s progress begins at the same starting line.

How long will this Closed Beta last?

We’re still aiming for our launch date of Summer 2020 (a little unspecific, we know), and want to keep closed beta as short as we can while getting additional regions online. That said, if we hear a lot of unexpected feedback from players during this period, we’ll reevaluate.

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