Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 6 – Anarch’s Domain Walkthrough

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  • Where To Find Tunnel Key
  • How To Convince Cerys To Join You
  • How To Win Confrontation With Cerys
  • How To Board Gladys
  • How To Access The PC Onboard Gladys
  • How To Access The Laptop Onboard Gladys
  • How To Open The Invisible Lock On Gladys
  • How To Access Floppy Disk PC
  • How To Acces Rafa's PC
  • How To Open The Door To Rafa
  • How To Win Confrontation With Rafa
  • Princes Plan Or Go It Alone

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong has Emem travel to the Anarch’s domain in an attempt to convince them to go on a suicide mission for Prince Iverson. Emem is playing the role of diplomat and negotiator in this ill-fated alliance, and it is up to you to decide whether to follow Iverson’s orders or to follow your own plans.

There are a lot of hidden puzzles, areas, dialogues, and paths through this level, and it is all topped off with a difficult decision. We won’t be doing a step-by-step walkthrough, but we will be covering all the major points in this Scene, as well as the puzzles, PINs, and passwords required to progress.

This guide is a work in progress. It will be updated as new information is discovered.

Where To Find Tunnel Key

When you first start the mission, head into the Baron’s office. Once here, you can find the key on in a box on the wall. This key will allow you to open the metal gates that are located in the tunnels.

How To Convince Cerys To Join You

Cerys is one of the two leaders that falls under Baron Thane. When you first meet her, she has no interest in helping you convince Baron Thane to join your suicide mission. She is easily swayed once you grab some information she didn’t know she wanted, however.

After your first conversation with Cerys, leave her office. Yardley, her second in command, will approach you with a coup proposal. He wants to frame Cerys and relays a detailed plan on how to overthrow her. He promises that if you backstab Cerys, he will support your push for an alliance.

Agree to Yardley’s plan, and then immediately go see Cerys. Talk to her, and throw Yardley under the bus. This will lead to a Confrontation that will determine whether or not she will back your bid.

How To Win Confrontation With Cerys

To win the Confrontation, select the following options. We have chosen, where possible, options that don’t require skill investment.

  • “Blood Trade”
  • If you have a high enough Psychology, "Defend". If not, then “don’t defend”
  • “I’m in the Primogen”

How To Board Gladys

To get to Rafa, the second of the two leaders, you will need to board Gladys. You can attempt to talk to the two vampires at the gate, but they tend to turn you away without the right stats.

The easiest way to get onto Gladys is by sneaking on via the tunnels. You will need to grab the Tunnel Key from the Baron’s office, however.

There are three entrances to the tunnels, and they are all linked together. That being said, the easiest way to board the ship is to head to Saule’s area. There is an entrance behind some vampires that is very hard to miss.

Head down the ladders and immediately take a right. Keep taking rights until you hit a gap that you need to use Celerity to cross. This will take you to a hole in the wall that can be used to teleport onto Gladys.

How To Access The PC Onboard Gladys

Rafa has a lot of tech on his boat, but there are a few areas that can be accessed with a bit of sleuthing. One of the PCs in the main work area is locked with a four-digit PIN. Some clues mention that the PIN is the registration number for Gladys. You can find this by walking outside and checking it, or by searching through filing cabinets.

Alternatively, you could just enter: 3764

How To Access The Laptop Onboard Gladys

There is a laptop in the main work area of Gladys, near to the PC you hacked earlier. This laptop has a sticky note saying “Stupid Password. Stupid People”. This is the only clue you are going to get.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy. Punch in: 1234

How To Open The Invisible Lock On Gladys

If you have your Auspex activated and upgraded, you can witness a vision of Rafa trying to open a secret door. You can also see an invisible keypad. Remove the obfuscation, and you can freely interact with it.

This lock requires you to input specific directions to open. The combination is on the walls in the form of posters.

Start from the top center button and then do the following, only moving one button at a time.

Down, left, right, down, up, right.

This will make a cross pattern and open the door.

How To Access Floppy Disk PC

Once you have unlocked the hidden door and entered another tech-filled area, you will come across a computer that requires a floppy disk to access. To find the floppy disk, go to the nearby cupboard. In the bottom drawer, you will find the disk. Return to the PC and insert it.

How To Acces Rafa's PC

Near the Floppy Disk PC, is another PC that can be hacked. You will need to find the PIN to access it. The PIN is the date found on an old newspaper: 05161991.

How To Open The Door To Rafa

The final area you can open on the Gladys is a door that is locked via a keypad. You can find the code by looking through the nearby filing cabinet: 568974. This will open up a door that leads directly to Rafa.

Be warned, this is a point of no return. Once you punch in this code, you cannot get any additional information on Rafa, and you will be forced into a Confrontation.

How To Win Confrontation With Rafa

Rafa needs convincing if he is to join your alliance, and to do that, you need to win his Confrontation. Select the following options to win. We have chosen options that don’t require skill investment. You will, however, need to have accessed Rafa’s PC for one of the options to show.

  • “He doesn’t want to anger his sire”
  • “Because they’re next on the list”
  • “We can win if there are more of us”
  • “I’ll protect him with my place on the Primogen”

Princes Plan Or Go It Alone

Once you have spoken to both Cerys and Rafa, head back to Saule and you can leave the Scene. You will be given one final option, and this is to follow the Prince’s plan and lead them to their deaths, or to go it alone.

After completing the game, there was no story impact regarding this at all. We initially picked “follow the Prince’s plan” and there was no additional dialogue, scene, or ending that hinted at the fate of the Anarchs. Pick whichever suits you best.

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