Vanguard Open Beta UK: Release time and beta codes for PS4, Xbox One and PC

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The good news for everyone waiting to join the Call of Duty Vanguard open beta this weekend is Activision has set up a site to provide beta codes.

This means if you play on PlayStation, Xbox or PC platforms, you can download and join in on the multiplayer action right now, rather than waiting for the open beta release time for Xbox and PC.

For those that might have missed its announcement, Call of Duty Vanguard is the next COD game launching this year in the UK, North America and Europe.

Scheduled to arrive in November, the new COD title is based on the WW2 era and boasts an extensive campaign covering the more famous theatres of war.

And this week has seen the development team launch the Call of Duty Vanguard beta, complete with fresh content to play through.

The open beta is already live on PS4 and PS5, with other platforms set to follow later today in the UK.

And soon enough, Activision will be flipping the switch and removing the need for anyone to have a beta code.

However, if you are on Xbox or PC and want to join in now without pre-ordering the game, there is a way to snag a beta code.

All you have to do is head over to the Call of Duty site, click through to the beta page and select the code option for any platform.


Call of Duty releases teaser trailer for Vanguard

And this weekend, gamers will get to play through new content, including Search & Destroy and the Eagle’s Nest map that can be played across all five core modes.


The Call of Duty Vanguard open beta release date and time has been set for 6pm BST on September 18, 2021.

However, as noted above, you can grab a code for any platform right now and jump in whenever you want.

No pre-order is required for this Open Beta period – furthermore, for Xbox Series X and S along with Xbox One owners, Xbox Live Gold is not required for this part of the Beta.

As the name suggests, crossplay will be active through the Beta’s second weekend, allowing you to play with friends so long as you have each other’s Activision IDs to party up across platforms.

A message from Activision adds: “Those who have downloaded the Beta will be able to cross-launch into it via Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone™, or Modern Warfare from the main menu for any of those games.

“Simply move your joystick or mouse to the far left “blade” of this main menu, and you will be able to launch into the Vanguard Beta. Alternatively, you can launch into the application directly without needing to go into any of the three full Call of Duty experiences.”

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