VR Art Exhibition So Far, Still So Close Taking Place at Synthesis Gallery in Berlin

Radiance VR, a research platform and database for VR art, has announced a collaboration with Khora Contemporary and  Synthesis Gallery on a new exhibition called So Far, Still So Close, being held in Berlin, Germany later this month.

Curated by Radiance VR co-founder Tina Sauerlaender and George Vitale (Synthesis Gallery), the exhibition features VR artworks by Chinese artist Yu Hong and Ukrainian artist Nikita Shalenny produced by Khora Contemporary.

She’s Already Gone by Yu Hong follows a female character’s life from birth through to old age. Made up of four scenes, while the viewer watches the character age, the scenes around her are moving back through history. As a baby, she is born into a modern hospital, then by the time she reaches her twilight years the viewer is treated to a shamanistic ritual in the earliest known period in Chinese history.

As for Nikita Shalenny’s, The Bridge, in the artwork “the viewer goes beyond the horizon on a compressed forty thousand kilometers journey around the world, the description notes. “A game of chance, the journey is the outcome of a line drawn from a bridge and further across the world, taking place in the dead of night, where fuzzy silhouettes of people tear along through desolate landscapes, fleeing into gray blizzards and shadowy forests.”

Before creating the VR artworks, both artists create drawings and paintings by hand – with Shalenny’s all based on his own watercolours – before digitizing and animating.

So Far, Still So Close is being held at the Synthesis Gallery in Berlin, running from 26th – 28th April 2019, from 1am to 7pm.

Radiance VR launched in September 2017, with users able to browse its website of over 50 artists by name, category or platform. These include 360, feminism, parallel worlds, documentary, sculpture and portraiture to name a few. The company aims to create greater visibility for VR artists, linking them with institutions and independent curators so they can select the best and most suitable virtual art for all manner of public exhibitions. VRFocus will continue its coverage of VR art, reporting back with the latest projects.

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