War Thunder Players Discover The Best Way To Drive Tanks: Backwards

The craziest plans often turn out to be the ones that work best. Following that logic, players of the MMO combat game War Thunder have figured out that some of the game’s tanks perform better when driven in reverse.

The reasoning behind this is simple, as the folks over at VGC point out. Most tanks have the best armor in the front, while one of their weakest spots, the engine, is usually in the back.

This means that driving in reverse not only offers better defense, faster reaction times, and a good overview of the field, but your enemies will probably be too bewildered to attack you right away. As the article points out, tanks that are especially guilty of being better driven in reverse are the Stormpjas fm/43-44 (with a naked behind), the Luftvärnsterrängdragbil m/40 (which is really just a truck with a gun), the Stridsvagn 103 (that fires in whatever direction you happen to be driving), and the Stridsvagn m/31 (which fights in both directions).

Sure, getting used to this tactic can be tricky, but no pain, no gain. If you’re looking for a way to improve your fighting skillz, try to implement this Sun Tzu-worthy tactic.

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