Warframe: Oberon Complete Guide – Drops, Abilities, And Builds

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Warframe features over 40 Warframes to choose from, each with a unique playstyle and set of abilities. Oberon is the closest thing Warframe has to a paladin, smiting foes while protecting his allies. He might be one of Warframe's toughest characters to earn, but Oberon can become a support powerhouse when built correctly.

This guide will go through every aspect of Oberon and his Prime variant. We'll be covering how to obtain Oberon, his Prime variant, explain what all of his abilities and Augments do, and we'll end the guide by covering three powerful builds that make Oberon a devastating, team-oriented paladin.

How To Craft Oberon

Oberon's parts are obtained from caches in certain Railjack missions, dropping from rotation A. This makes Oberon one of the hardest Warframes to obtain. His main blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 30,000 Credits.

Oberon Blueprint

ObtainedIn-Game Market (30,000 Credits)
Crafting Costs
  • 30,000 Credits
  • 1 Oberon Neuroptics
  • 1 Oberon Chassis
  • 1 Oberon Systems
  • 1 Orokin Cell
Crafting Time72 Hours

Oberon Neuroptics

ObtainedEarth Proxima Caches (10% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 1 Gallium
  • 500 Polymer Bundle
  • 220 Alloy Plate
Crafting Time12 Hours

Oberon Chassis

ObtainedEarth Proxima Caches (10% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 1 Gallium
  • 500 Polymer Bundle
  • 220 Alloy Plate
Crafting Time12 Hours

Oberon Systems

ObtainedEarth Proxima Caches (10% chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 1 Gallium
  • 500 Polymer Bundle
  • 220 Alloy Plate
Crafting Time12 Hours

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How To Craft Oberon Prime

Oberon Prime's components can be obtained by opening certain Void Relics. As of writing, Oberon Prime's Relics can be obtained by participating in the Prime Resurgence event and spending Aya on certain Oberon Relics. Once this event ends, Oberon Prime will become vaulted—meaning Oberon's Relics will no longer be obtainable.

Oberon Prime Blueprint

ObtainedLith H2, M3, S9, Meso H1, N4, or Neo B5 (Uncommon)
Crafting Costs
  • 30,000 Credits
  • 1 Oberon Prime Neuroptics
  • 1 Oberon Prime Chassis
  • 1 Oberon Prime Systems
  • 5 Orokin Cell
Crafting Time72 Hours

Oberon Prime Neuroptics

ObtainedLith O1, Meso O1, O2, or O4 (Rare)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 10 Control Modules
  • 4,000 Alloy Plate
  • 1,500 Circuits
  • 2 Nitain Extract
Crafting Time12 Hours

Oberon Prime Chassis

ObtainedLith B5, T3, Meso B2, P1, Axi H2, or N5 (Common)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Galium
  • 100 Oxium
  • 1,250 Rubedo
  • 7,500 Salvage
Crafting Time12 Hours

Oberon Prime Systems

  • Neo N11 (Uncommon)
  • Axi O1, O2, O3, or O4 (Rare)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 250 Plastids
  • 6,000 Nano Spores
  • 1,250 Polymer Bundle
Crafting Time12 Hours

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Oberon Abilities


OberonOberon Prime
  • Armor: 175
  • Energy: 150
  • Health: 125
  • Shields: 100
  • Sprint Speed: 1.0
  • Armor: 225
  • Energy: 175
  • Health: 125
  • Shields: 125
  • Sprint Speed: 1.0


Passive: Allied pets receive 25% Health, Armor, and Shield buffs. In addition, your pet receives an instant revive per mission.

In practice, this passive gives a 25% health, armor, and shield link between your Warframe and every allied companion—not just Oberon's pet. As you increase Oberon's stats, so too will your pet's defensive stats increase. This passive stacks additively with Link Mods. Oberon's passive does not work with MOAs or Hounds. The free revive per mission is only for Oberon's companion.


Smite: Focuses deadly energy within a target and them projects it outwards, damaging both the target and surrounding enemies.

Note: This ability can be subsumed with the Helminth system.
Smite Stats
Drain25 Energy
DamageImpact: 500 Impact and Radiation
Orbs: 150 Radiation
Status Chance35% per orb
Number of Orbs6
RangeCast: 50m
Orb: 12.5m
Applicable Mods
N/AAffects cast and orb rangesAffects cast Energy costAffects damage dealt and orb amount

Smite will strike a target on your reticle, knocking them towards the ground while releasing a flurry of orb projectiles. These projectiles will seek nearby targets and have a 35% unmoddable chance of inflicting Radiation. The initial target hit will always be affected by a Radiation status effect.

Unlisted in the ability's description, each Smite converts 35% of the initial target's health as bonus damage, divided amongst each orb. This conversion is not affected by Ability Strength, but any damage-altering effects like armor or debuffs will affect the damage your Smite orbs deal. Orbs will attempt to target unique enemies, although multiple orbs can strike the same target if it's close to your initial target. Smite is also a one-handed action, meaning you can use it while firing or reloading your weapons. Most players use this ability in conjunction with its Augment, Smite Infusion. This is also a great ability to replace with a subsumed power.

Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground: Sanctifies the ground before Oberon with righteous fire, inflicting damage to any enemy that stands in the flames.

Hallowed Ground Stats
Drain50 Energy
RangeAngle: 180 degrees
Radius: 15m
Duration20 seconds
Damage100 Radiation every 0.5 seconds
Status Chance15%
Applicable Mods
Affects the duration of Hallowed GroundAffects Hallowed Ground radius and angleAffects cast Energy costAffects damage dealt and status chance

Oberon blesses the ground before him, creating a field of grass and energy. Standing in this field will make you immune to knockdowns and status effects, and walking onto the field will immediately purge any status effects on your character. This benefits allies and companions as well.

Enemies that stand on Hallowed Ground will take damage twice every second, each tick providing a slight chance that the target will become irradiated. Targets affected by Radiation will attack nearby enemies, effectively making Hallowed Ground a crowd control ability. To make this ability easy to use, build it for Ability Strength and Range. Range will make it cover a much larger area—increasing its radius and the angle it covers—while Strength will increase Hallowed Ground's damage and status chance.

Synergy: Walking onto Hallowed Ground while Renewal is active will grant the Iron Renewal buff, increasing your armor by a flat amount while Renewal is active. This applies to teammates as well.


Renewal: Healing waves of energy flow outward from Oberon to his allies, regenerating Health over time.

Renewal Stats
DrainCast: 25 Energy
Drain (Passive): 2 Energy per second
Drain (Per Target): 3 Energy per second
Duration4 seconds
HealingInitial: 125 HP
Per Second: 40 HP
Bleedout Slow45%
Iron Renewal Armor Bonus200 armor
Iron Renewal Duration20 seconds
Applicable Mods
Affects Energy drain while < 175% Efficiency, bleedout slow, and Iron Renewal durationAffects Renewal cast radiusAffects cast and drain Energy costsAffects Renewal's healing and armor buffs

Casting Renewal will create a ring of energy around Oberon for a short duration, causing himself and all nearby allies to gain Renewal's various buffs. These buffs persist until the ability ends, either from Oberon running out of Energy or manually turning Renewal off. While Renewal is active, you gain the following buffs:

  1. You regenerate HP over time.
  2. Should you become downed, you'll bleed out slower.
  3. After standing on Hallowed Ground, you'll gain an armor buff for a short duration.

The third effect activates upon walking atop of Hallowed Ground at any point while Renewal is affecting you. The HP regen starts at a modest 40 per second, but this is affected by Ability Strength Mods. Renewal can also affect companions and summoned allies like Nekros' Shadows of the Dead. Each target affected by Renewal will make Oberon's Energy drain more extreme.

Actively healing an ally with this ability increases the drain even further, so we highly recommend you have some sort of Energy regeneration or Ability Efficiency in your build. An easy way to keep Renewal active is by pairing this ability with Hunter Adrenaline or Rage, causing damage Oberon receives to refill his Energy reserves.


Reckoning: Quickly lifts enemies into the air and then hurls them down with conviction. Enemies who succumb to this power have a chance to spawn a Health Orb.

Reckoning Stats
Drain100 Energy
RadiusAbility Radius: 15m
Blind: 4m
DamageCast: 1,250 Impact and Radiation
Radiated: 625 Radiation
Armor Reduction30%
Blind Duration4 seconds
Health Orb Drop Chance50%
Applicable Mods
Affects blind durationAffects ability and blind rangesAffects cast Energy costAffects damage dealt and armor strip amount

Oberon grabs every target near him and slams them into the ground, dealing a large amount of damage that's further amplified if the targets are affected by Radiation. Enemies slain by Reckoning have a 50% chance of dropping a Health Orb for your squad. Should any targets survive that were beside Oberon, they'll be blinded for a short duration as well.

Arguably the strongest part of Reckoning is its armor strip. If Reckoning attacks an enemy that's on Hallowed Ground, this ability will strip 30% of their base armor. Base armor is worth emphasizing here, as this means that subsequent Reckoning casts have an additive strip effect instead of a multiplicative effect. For example, if Recknonig would strip 50% of the target's armor, it would only take two casts to fully strip the target's armor. Most other armor strip methods would stack with diminishing returns, requiring significantly more armor strip procs to fully rend the target's defenses.

Because of this, we highly recommend that you use Corrosive Projection if you plan to use Reckoning. This Aura Mod stacks additively with Recokning's armor strip effect, reducing the amount of Ability Strength your build needs by a massive amount. Regardless, build Reckoning for Ability Strength for the best results.

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Oberon Augments

Oberon has an Augment for each of his abilities, some of which make Oberon sought after for endurance missions or Eidolon Hunts. Let's go over what each Augment does.

Smite Infusion

Smite Infusion: Smite Augment: Hold to cast will grant all allies within 15m an additional 100% Radiation Damage to their attacks for 40s.

Holding down the Smite ability will grant you and nearby allies a Radiation damage buff instead of casting Smite. This buff is effectively an elemental damage mod, adding 100% of your weapon's base damage as extra Radiation. This buff effect is affected by Ability Strength, and the radius of who gets the buff is affected by Ability Range. You can also extend the buff's duration with Ability Duration Mods. Recasting Smite Infusion gives you a new buff with a refreshed duration.

Remember that Radiation damage is less effective against specific targets, so your damage output might vary based on enemy type. Status procs also have a chance to activate Radiation, which can be a detrimental effect for some weapon builds. We highly recommend using this Mod for Eidolon Hunts or any content against Sentients.

Hallowed Eruption

Hallowed Eruption: Hallowed Ground Augment: Reactivate to deal all remaining damage and Radiation status. Passive: +100% Hallowed Ground Duration.

Whenever you cast Hallowed Ground, you can recast it at any point to detonate the ability. Any enemies atop the Hallowed Ground will take the remaining damage Hallowed Ground is set to deal—twice the damage listed of the ability multiplied by its remaining duration. This makes Hallowed Eruption a solid DPS ability for low-level content.

The damage of this ability is affected by Ability Strength and Duration. While the ability gives you bonus Duration, that benefit is not affected by Ability Duration or any other Mods; it stacks additively with other Duration sources. While this Augment is installed, you can only have one Hallowed Ground instance active at any given moment.

Phoenix Renewal

Phoenix Renewal: Renewal Augment: Taking fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal will instead Heal you or allies to 50% Health. This effect triggers only once for each ally every 90s.

Whenever a target under the effects of Renewal would become downed, they instead gain 50% of their HP and become invincible for a few seconds. This effect has a 90-second cooldown and is per person. Phoenix Renewal will activate on players and companions alike. While the HP regained from this Augment is affected by Ability Strength, the 90-second lockout duration is not affected by Ability Duration Mods. You cannot reset this cooldown by reactivating Renewal; the cooldown persists even after Renewal ends. We recommend using this Augment if you plan to take Oberon into Arbitrations or any endurance missions.

Hallowed Reckoning

Hallowed Reckoning: Reckoning Augment: Enemies affected by Reckoning spawn zones that increase armor by 250 for allies and inflicts 150 damage to enemies over 10s.

Any target damaged by Reckoning will make a two-meter vortex that grants an armor bonus to allies and deals damage to enemies. This effect does not persist with players, unlike Iron Renewal. The range of this vortex is not affected by Ability Range, although the armor buff and damage are affected by Strength Mods. While this Mod looks similar to Hallowed Ground, this Augment has no synergies with Hallowed Ground or its Augment. For most builds, Hallowed Reckoning can safely be skipped.

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The Best Oberon Builds

We'll be going over three builds for Oberon that should give you a rough idea of how to maximize this paladin Warframe. You'll find a starter build, endgame build, and Eidolon hunter build below. Unless otherwise noted, each build assumes you're using Oberon Prime.

Before we get into the builds, it's important to mention that Oberon's best defense is HP tanking. He's a Warframe that can regen HP and gain a high amount of armor, making him a perfect candidate for Adaptation and certain Umbral Mods. For Helminth abilities, we recommend replacing either Smite or Reckoning with another support ability like Chroma's Elemental Ward. You can also subsume Rhino's Roar ability to give your team an offensive buff. If you go with the latter, consider keeping Smite to use the Smite Infusion Augment.

Note: The build images below were created using Overframe.gg.

Starter Build (0 Forma, No Subsume)

  • Forma: 0
  • Subsume: None

This starter builds focuses on one thing: Ability Strength. Since Oberon doesn't use his abilities often, we'll be using Energy Conversion and Growing Power as conditional Ability Strength bonuses that Oberon can snapshot onto his Renewal ability. Umbral Intensify and Augur Secrets further increase this build's overall Strength to make Renewal a reliable survivability tool.

To keep Oberon's Energy pool at a decent level, Primed Flow and Rage are used to convert all damage taken into Energy. From there, use Umbral Vitality and Adaptation to tank even more hits. Finally, an unranked Phoenix Renewal is used to give yourself a grace period in case you get one shot. Ranks of that Augment only affect the HP regained when you would otherwise die, so we can afford to use an unranked version.

Bear in mind that all of the Primed Mods listed here are fully optional. You can replace any Primed Mod with its default counterpart and do just fine with this build. If you find Energy to be an issue, replace Augur Secrets with Streamline and Umbral Vitality for its common variant. For Arcanes, use whatever you have on hand. Arcane Guardian, Grace, Consequence, and Avenger are some good choices.

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Endgame Support Build (5 Forma, Roar Subsume)

  • Forma: 5 (Aura, Umbral, V, D, Double Dash (Exilus))
  • Subsume: Roar (Rhino)

For how expensive this build is, our Mod configuration might look strange. This build does three things:

  1. Allows Reckoning to fully strip armor.
  2. Keeps Oberon alive with a strong Renewal buff and Adaptation.
  3. Obtains enough Ability Range to make Hallowed Ground and Reckoning reliable abilities.

Reaching a full armor strip requires the Corrosive Projection Aura and 272% Ability Strength. From there, we grab a rank four Overextended to gain some range. A fully-ranked Overextended would require us to equip another Strength Mod, and using both Stretch and Augur Reach would take two Mod slots. This is the most Mod-efficient setup you can use. Primed Flow is still used to give you a massive Energy pool to work with.

For your final slot, you have a few options. Primed Continuity is what we recommend since it makes Iron Renewal and Roar much smoother to use in combat, and it also makes Renewal cost less Energy over time. If you don't mind a lower duration value, feel free to replace Continuity with Phoenix Renewal, Hunter Adrenaline, or even Energy Conversion. You can also replace Adaptation with an Augment Mod if you find it overkill in easier content. Unless you decide to use Hunter Adrenaline, you need Arcane Energize to keep your Energy at a manageable level. It's also possible to remove Overextended to use another Mod, but we don't recommend this unless you're using a buff Oberon setup (our next build).

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Eidolon Hunter/Damage Buff Build (5 Forma, Roar Subsume)

  • Forma: 4 (Aura, Umbral, V, Double Dash (Exilus))
  • Subsume: Roar (Rhino) OR Eclipse (Mirage)

An Eidolon Hunter and dedicated buff build are marginally different, so we're going to be covering both in this section. For an Eidolon Hunter, you'll want to use Rhino's Roar in place of Reckoning and build for as much Strength as possible. You'll also want the Smite Infusion Augment to further buff you and your team's damage output. When the lures are getting damaged, pop Renewal to quickly heal them. Be sure to disable Renewal when you're done to quickly get your Energy back. While not required, we recommend Arcane Nullifier to avoid losing all of your Energy during an Eidolon fight.

A buff build is typically used for static endurance missions like Defense, focused solely on buffing your team's damage. We replace Roar for Mirage's Eclipse and Hunter Adrenaline for the Total Eclipse Augment. You can also replace Primed Continuity for a rank eight Narrow Minded, provided you don't mind standing right on top of your allies. Steel Charge can also be swapped for Power Donation if you don't mind losing some Ability Strength. Be sure your Oberon is standing in light to give your team a damage buff.

Feel free to use Roar instead if you don't like Eclipse, but it gives an objectively better damage buff than Roar and stacks with that ability. For a buff-oriented Oberon, we do recommend you run Arcane Energize or the Zenurik Focus school to keep your Energy at max.

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