Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos Open World Expansion Now Available

Answer the Entrati’s call in Heart of Deimos, the latest open-world expansion to arrive in Warframe today.

You should all have your Ignis Wraiths at the ready because Deimos is infested. Bad. The second moon of Mars is the original source of the Infested, and it has taken over the moon. But all is not as it seems. The Infested are not just a horde of bioweapons seeking to consume all life. There are mysteries in the Heart of Deimos, ones that will shake the foundation of Warframe to its core.

But first, you have to call Mother. No, not Space Mom (aka The Lotus), who is still gallivanting with an invading robot army somewhere in deep space, but the new faction leader of Deimos’ Entrati people. She’s noticed that the Infested are acting even weirder and more violent than usual, and it’s up to you to stop whatever shenanigans they’ve got brewing in the tendril-covered depths of Deimos.

Along the way, you’ll unlock Xaku, Warframe’s first gender-neutral Frame. They’re made up of the discarded bits and pieces of other Warframes that have been held together by a Void-powered skeleton. Xaku releases their armor to unleash a massive area of effect damage ability while also gaining a huge speed buff – the perfect thing to deal with pesky Infested minions.

Heart of Deimos also adds new biological K-Drives called Velocipods that are kinda like giant dragonflies. Only now you can actually shoot from them, along with every other K-Drive you might own.

The all-new Helminth System will introduce an unprecedented level of customization into Warframe by letting players swap Warframe abilities. Take Roar from Rhino and put it in place of Excalibur’s Radial Javelin, or take Ember’s Fire Blast and swap it for Frost’s Ice Blast. The possibilities aren’t quite endless, because there are actually 1,806 possible combinations (not including the generic Helminth abilities), but they might as well be.

And no expansion would be complete without new guns and armaments. The Zymos pistol shoots spores that burrow into enemy heads before exploding, releasing a spore cloud that will damage nearby foes. If that wasn’t gross enough, both the Trumna Rifle and Speculcrum Pistol siphon enemy “vital essence” like vampires. Finally, Keratinos Blades are infected claws with enhanced heavy attack range for Tenno that prefer to be just a smidge further away when they turn on blender-mode.

Heart of Deimos is now available on all platforms that Warframe is played on.

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