Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters: Librarian Class Guide

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Just as Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters starts to ramp up the difficulty, the game introduces the concept of Advanced Classes. They are the hyper-elite of the Grey Knights. More specialized, more powerful, and each one bringing new synergies that blast the game right open.

The Librarian – not just a bespectacled lady or gent who looks after books – rather a psychically fuelled murder machine clad in Terminator Armor. These guys destroy their foes with their minds because guns just aren't good enough. Not only that, but they work with all kinds of team compositions, and can fill a wide variety of roles.

What Is A Librarian

The Librarian is essentially the Red Mage of Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. They can brawl, they can fire guns, they can melt people with their minds, and they can support your team in ways no other class can. They don’t quite match the power of some other classes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth taking.

Skills And Abilities

Innate Abilities

Every class in Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters has a unique ability that helps define a character – even at level on. The Librarian is no different.

LibrarianLibrarians can only wear Terminator Armor, and come with +2WP.

Core Discipline

This tree is full of general skills that lead to specialized skill trees.

Willpower x3The Librarian gains +2WP permanently
FocusThe Librarian gains +25% Focus. Focus increases the chances of a Knight's Auto Abilities to trigger, as well as the likelihood of Afflictions landing.

Warp Surge Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Empyrean Domination Psychic Support ability.

Empyrean DominationThe Librarian reduces the current Warp Surge by 25%.
Warp Surge Suppression UpgradeEmpyrean Domination reduces the current Warp Surge by an additional 25%.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Empyrean Domination reduces the current Warp Surge by an additional 50%.
FocusThe Librarian gains +25% Focus.

Smite Discipline Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Smite Psychic Attack.

SmiteChoose a target within Range 10. Target takes 3 damage. This attack has no Stun.
Damage UpgradeSmite deals +1 damage.
Unlimited Range UpgradeSmite gains unlimited Range.
Warp ChargeWhen Activated, Smite gains the Armor Pierce affliction. Armor Piercing attacks ignore the target's Armor and deal damage directly to their HP instead.

Teleport Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Gate Of Infinity Teleport Move ability.

Gate Of InfinityThe Librarian Teleports to any visible location within Range 10.
Range UpgradeGate Of Infinity gains +5 Range.
Warp ChargeActivate to Teleport all Knights when using Gate Of Infinity.
Teleport BoostWhen the Librarian uses a Teleport ability, they have a 50% chance to restore +1AP.

Aegis Shield Discipline

This tree upgrades the Aegis Shield Psychic Boon ability.

Aegis ShieldThe Librarian gains +2 Armor for one turn.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Aegis Shield gains an additional +3 Armor.
Warp Charge Upgrade x2When using Warp Charge, Aegis Shield gains an additional +2 Armor.
FortressThe Librarian can target a Knight at any Range and transfer all of his armor to that Knight for one turn

Psybolt Discipline

This tree upgrades the Psybolt ability when using Storm Bolters.

Crit Damage Upgrade (1)Psybolt deals +1 Crit Damage.
Crit Damage Upgrade (2)Psybolt deals +2 Crit Damage
Armor Pierce UpgradePsybolt gains Armor Pierce
Return FireWhen shot by an enemy, the Librarian has a 50% chance to shoot back automatically. This can only trigger once per turn and is ammo-dependent.

Vortex Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Vortex Of Doom Psychic Blast Attack.

Vortex Of DoomThe Librarian launches a Blast Area 3, Ranged 10 attack. Any enemies hit by this attack take 6 damage. This attack deals no Stun
Damage UpgradeVortex Of Doom deals an additional +2 damage
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Vortex Of Doom disables any Mechanic enemies Ranged Attacks for two turns.
WillpowerThe Librarian gains +2WP permanently

Shriek Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Psychic Shriek Psychic Blast Attack.

Psychic ShriekLibrarian targets all enemies within a Blast Area 3, Range 10 zone. This attack deals 0 damage, but inflicts 2 Stun and applies Disrupted. Disrupted enemies cannot use their Auto Abilities.
Stun UpgradePsychic Shriek inflicts an additional +1 Stun.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Psychic Shriek inflicts an additional +2 Stun.
Price Of PowerThe Librarian has a 25% chance to gain +1WP when using a Warp Charge ability.

Sanctuary Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Sanctuary Psychic Support Blast.

SanctuaryTarget Knights within Blast Area 3 and Range 15. All Knights hit by the blast gain +3 Armor for one turn.
Armor Upgrade x2Sanctuary grants +1 armor.
Aegis ReactionAt the end of each turn, the Librarian has a 25% chance to activate Aegis Shield automatically.

Essential Skills

The Librarian is a devastatingly powerful force multiplier that can be built in several ways. They can go for damage, support, AP generation, mobility, or a mix of them all, and still be a powerful unit on the field.

Because there are so many powerful abilities at the Librarian’s disposal, it can be hard to pinpoint the best abilities. We’ve listed them here:

  • Vortex Of Doom
  • Psychic Screech
  • Empyrean Domination
  • Gate Of Infinity

Vortex Of Doom

Vortex Of Doom is one of the strongest AOE abilities in the entire game. Once fully buffed, this attack will be dealing 8 damage to enemies in a large area. This can be very effective at clearing enemies who clump together, or who have been forced through a chokepoint. It’s very potent in the early game but tends to fall off later on when its damage doesn’t kill enemies in a single hit.

Despite that, Vortex Of Doom still maintains relevance thanks to its ability to disable mechanical enemies like Hellbrutes.

Psychic Screech

Psychic Screech has the potential to be truly devastating. It has a long-range and large AOE. When fully upgraded, this attack can instantly stun the vast majority of enemies in the roster. This leaves them open to an Execution, which will generate bonus AP for your entire squad.

If combined with a Chaplain, you can very quickly push your AP gains on specific characters to ludicrous levels thanks to Litany Of Hate. The only issue is that if enemies don’t stick together to get maximum value out of this, then there are better ways to get single-target Stun – albeit, much later in the game.

Psychic Screech excels when enemies are teleporting into battle as reinforcements, as they don’t get as much of a chance to move before you can cast this spell – possibly tagging them all.

Empyrean Domination

Empyrean Domination can be used aggressively to keep your Warp Surge low, allowing you to use your powerful abilities without having to worry about crippling debuffs. This can be used every turn to completely negate Warp Surge effects for a mission – be warned it will drain your WP if you don’t find a way to regenerate it.

Gate Of Infinity

Gate Of Infinity is the best ability in the entire game. Out of every skill a Librarian can take, this is the one you want to take first. It is far too powerful to ignore, and you need to upgrade it to teleport your entire squad ASAP.

This one ability lets you position yourself to instantly destroy Bloomspawn, bosses, and the like, without having to worry about burning AP moving. Gate Of Infinity is also a Stratagem, which does diminish the Librarian’s uniqueness, but having this ability on-call and limited, makes up for it.

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