Warhammer Streaming Service Still Profitable Despite Just Over 100,000 Subscribers

Back in the heady days of 2021, Warhammer developer Games Workshop announced a new streaming service dedicated solely to the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K franchises. Warhammer+, as the streaming service was called, launched in August 2021 for mobile and smart TVs, putting a bunch of exclusive Warhammer content behind a paywall.

About a year and a half later, and Warhammer+ has just 115,000 subscribers. That’s pathetic, really, considering many of the content creators that Warhammer paid to be on Warhammer+ had many times that number of subscribers on YouTube, including Astartes creator Syama Pedersen. Admittedly, Warhammer+ was never going to pull Netflix or Disney subscriber numbers, which total in the millions, but not being able to out-subscribe a reasonably successful YouTuber must sting a bit.

Despite the lack of subscribers, Warhammer+ is still profitable, according to Games Workshop’s half-year financial report. "Launched in August 2021, it continues to delight and entertain a growing subscriber base," the report reads. "Warhammer+ shows and animations have now been viewed over 5 million times. Revenue is £3.0 million in the period and associated development costs of £2.4 million. Our subscriber numbers are 115,000."

We should note that Astartes had many millions of views on YouTube and even a still-available pirated version has 13 million views.

However, it’s quite possible that subscribers and views are just a bonus for Games Workshop. The true goal might have just been to protect its copyright by getting a bunch of content creators to work for Games Workshop rather than themselves. If that’s the case, Warhammer+ has been a roaring success.

If you’ve got $59.99 to spare for the annual fee, Warhammer+ has more content planned for 2023, which you can see in the trailer above. And if you're already subscribed to Amazon Prime, you'll be happy to note that a big-budget Warhammer 40K series is currently in the works with Amazon Studios starring none other than Warhammer fan and former Witcher star Henry Cavill.

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