Warzone: All Sins of the Father Intel Mission Locations

The third Intel Mission for Season 5, Sins of the Father, has now appeared in Warzone with a new series of clues to pick up all across the map. If you’re struggling to find one of these hidden pieces of intel, our guide will cut down your search time so you can get back into the fight.

For Season 5’s third intel mission in Warzone, Sins of the Father, you’ll be tasked with yet another hunt around Verdansk for various pieces of intel.

This particular mission is more difficult than any previous, though – just knowing where to find the intel can be difficult enough, but it’s downright impossible if you don’t even know how to access it once you figure out where to go. Just like with our walkthrough for All Old Wounds, our Warzone Intel Mission guide will show you the way:

All Sins Of The Father Intel Locations – Warzone

There are six pieces of intel needed to complete this mission, and you can only grab one per match. Once you find one you’ll either need to quit out or finish the game before the next piece of intel will appear on the map.

  • First Intel Location

Your first target will be based on an image of what looks like a grate on a tower. This is on the top right tower near the entrance of the Prison. Land on top of this tower to find a grate with a coin to collect inside.

  • Second Intel Location

Your next clue is a note telling you to examine the cameras near metro stations, which brings us to the Airport. Find the apartment building facing the large awning that takes you to the train station, and look up for the camera above the doorway to the apartments. Interact with the camera to grab the intel.

  • Third Intel Location

The next Warzone All Sins of the Father clue simply says: “A shipment was moved from the metro…”, and it shows an image of a truck by an awning. This is located in the Northern part of the Superstore building. Go inside and climb up onto the shelves connected by planks to find a teddy bear tucked in a corner. Collect it for your next clue.

  • Fourth Intel Location

Next, you’re heading to the Stadium, or rather just outside of it in the loading area. Find the broken down Superstore truck and hop in the back to grab the hard to spot intel in the far back.

  • Fifth Intel Location

This is where things get a bit more complex, as the clue tells you that the “Hardware was delivered to Suite 320. Entry requires an access code…” To actually get this code you’ll need to go back into the Stadium and complete the Easter Egg that was added once the building became accessible. If you don’t know how to do that,  we have a Warzone Stadium Easter Egg guide for you to follow.

Once you’ve completed the Easter Egg and gained access to the room, you’ll actually have to interact with three different pieces of intel to complete this step. One is located on the table, a second on the whiteboard, and the final one on a second board with a map of Verdansk.

  • Sixth Intel Location

Your last clue points you towards a parking structure, which again brings you to the Stadium. Not only will you need to perform the Easter Egg one more time, but you also need to pick up the P2-16 keycard that may or may not spawn in any given match. If you manage to get your hands on this keycard, take it to the door in the parking garage with the sign “Authorized Persons Only.” Use the card to enter and grab the last piece of intel off the computer.

Fell free to check out the last clue in your menu to get a hint at what future intel missions could be leading up to.

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