Warzone Leak: Night Mode Is Coming

The mother of all Call of Duty data mining leaks has revealed that, in addition to everything else, Warzone is getting a night mode in an upcoming update. Finally, we can all be like Bravo six and “go dark” to take out our enemies.

Data miners have been hard at work in the Modern Warfare code mines to bring us all of this sweet, sweet information. So far, we have learned that the Black Ops game will be released on November 13, there will be a beta, and that Cold War is a direct sequel to Black Ops 1. Of course, we aren’t here to talk about Black Ops, we’re here to talk about Warzone.

All of the data mined from the Modern Warfare code gives us hints, not only to Cold War, but to what will happen to Warzone. Twitter handle @Modernwarzone had been feeding data to the Twitterverse as information became available, which is where we found this revelation. The other big news (there is a lot of big news today) is that Verdansk is allegedly getting a Cold War setting. But first, a look at the Warzone night mode map:

It’s important to remember that Warzone, Cold War, and Modern Warfare are all going to mix together and, hopefully, provide a compelling and complete story. So any information about Warzone is going to contain information about the other two and vice-versa. This is why there will be a “Cold War” setting to Verdansk in a coming update. We don’t know how the night mode for Warzone plays into the story, other than it’s a really cool option that will make the game more challenging and fun for hardcore players.

The developers are doing everything that they can to make sure the Call of Duty franchise stays fresh and relevant in a world crammed with battle royale titles. Tying basically the entire franchise together through the medium of Warzone is a pretty brilliant idea. Bringing the conspiracies of the Cold War into the mix is even more interesting. Make no mistake, Call of Duty is going to get grittier and darker than we have seen it get. Stay frosty out there, Verdansk is about to get wild.

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