Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 4.0 Delayed To Early May

Watch Dogs: Legion has delayed Title Update 4.0 from late April to May 4. The update will eventually bring a new playable hero to London, along with a new mission and various free content drops.

Ubisoft delayed the update to continue working on bug fixes that were brought up during testing, along with the additional development of game improvements.

“Our team is hard at work finishing up the next Title Update, 4.0, which was scheduled to go out in late April,” Ubisoft said. “While working on the different pieces of content, we encountered some issues that we need to address before deploying the update. We want the quality of this update to be in the best shape it can be. As such, we’ve made the decision to push the release date to May 4 to ensure a great launch.”

For now, it seems the other updates for this year – one planned for late May, late June, and August – won’t be impacted by this delay.

Late April was expected to bring about several additions for players with or without the Season Pass. While those who picked up the pass will see Mina Sidhu and a new mission, all players will benefit from a new co-op mission, new assignments, advanced character customization, and two new characters – DJ and First Responder.

Instead of tackling the new content within the next few days, however, you’ll have to wait until May 4.

While Ubisoft delays the arrival of one patch, today sees the arrival of another. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla added three new skills with the latest title update, along with several bug fixes and performance improvements. It was also announced that these sorts of updates will happen less frequently moving forward, as the team hopes to improve their quality.

Watch Dogs: Legion will see Title Update 4.0 arrive on May 4 – just a few days later than expected.

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