Watch Japanese Sword Experts Re-Enact Combat Moves From The Witcher

If you’ve ever wanted to re-enact Geralt’s swordsmanship from The Witcher games – for cosplay or just for fun – then watch these Japanese sword experts break down the process in real life. It may look easy to a spectator, but these professionals broke a sweat.

Katana experts and actors Taishi Tamaki and Toru Uchikado joined Gamology for a video to flaunt their skills. Both Japanese actors have trained in martial arts – pertaining to swords – for a number of years and provided an interesting dissection of some of Geralt’s best moves. After learning the choreography, the two experts had some friendly competition in the commentary, but both of their performances appeared flawless to outsiders.

The first recreation was the Light Attack, introducing the experts to the Witcher’s fighting style. Uchikado then compared the Heavy Attack to baseball, where Geralt would swing his sword the same way a batter would. Light and Heavy Attack Combos followed, and the pair enjoyed moving in for the kill with the Rend maneuver. Dodge, Roll, and Igni were also recreated with impressive skill.

The most difficult move to recreate was Whirl, which involves a lot of spinning and tricky swordplay. Uchikado explained how he had to watch the attack frame-by-frame in order to pick up every turn of the sword and master Geralt’s quick change of direction.

The pair admitted that the biggest challenge was learning these spins that Geralt performs in his combat moves – which is something that doesn’t really exist in traditional martial arts. Having said that, Uchikado admired Geralt’s form and thought the Witcher’s combat style was similar to dancing – able to deliver gracefulness and power in the same movement. Whilst undertaking all those turns, the experts had to be very mindful of their balance, and Uchikado even called Tamaki out for losing it – but only once.

The Witcher live-action adaptation for Netflix is currently filming its second season, where actor Henry Cavill gets to fulfill his dream role. Cavill’s swordsmanship was impressive during season one – kicking off the first episode with a dramatic battle against the terrifying Kikimora – and his skills will no doubt deliver during the upcoming season – despite recovering from a leg injury.

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