Watch Legendary D&D Players Take On A Digital Dungeon

Core is hosting a panel at PAX Online that will pit Legendary D&D stars against player-created dungeons.

Core has recently taken to hosting contests in order to generate interest for its game development platform. Last May, Core held a contest to recreate Alice in Wonderland in game form, with developers using its “radically accessible” features to go from prototype to functioning alpha all within the span of a month.

And now Core is trying to do it again, but this time with a more recognizable IP. The Dungeons & Dragons Design-A-Dungeon contest has Core developers create their own D&D dungeon for the chance at $20,000 in prizes. Categories range from the usual Dungeon crawl (including caves and catacombs) to more Open Wilderness, Strongholds and Towers, the Elemental Plains, and Best Overall, which will take home a $5,000 Amazon gift card.

The Design-A-Dungeon contest is open from now until September 6, with the finalists to be revealed at PAX Online.

PAX Online’s Panel of Legends will feature five legendary D&D players as they fight their way through each contest finalist’s design. Panelists include actress Deborah Ann Woll (of Relics & Rarities, True Blood, and Daredevil fame), Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins, comedian Reggie Watts, Sam Riegel from Critical Role, WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, and DM Todd Kenreck from D&D Beyond.

After sharing personal stories from their own D&D campaigns, panelists will relive them in Core before moving on to the Design-A-Dungeon finalists. Everything shown at the panel will also become available to explore on Core’s D&D hub world of Coreworld just after the show.

Panel of Legends takes place during PAX Online on September 15 at 12:30 PM PST. And if you want to enter the contest, there’s still time! Sign up at

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