Watch Six Stargate Cast Members Play The Stargate RPG On October 18

Stargate fancast Dial the Gate recently announced the lengthy list of former cast members of the Stargate series who will be appearing on future episodes. Included in the announcement were details on a future Dial the Gate episode involving six Stargate cast members who will be roleplaying a one-shot of the incoming Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game.

Dial the Gate’s Stargate SG-1 RPG Game Play episode is currently scheduled to broadcast this October 18 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET on DtG’s YouTube channel. The six former Stargate cast members who will be playing the game are Alexis Cruz, David Blue, David Hewlett, Julie McNiven, Rainbow Sun Francks, and Simone Bailly. Members of Wyvern Gaming (the studio developing the Stargate RPG) will also be playing. The announcement doesn’t officially list who from Wyvern Gaming will be playing, but it’s a good bet it may be or include company co-founder and CEO Brad Ellis, and also possibly Westley Walker, as both will be appearing on DtG on October 11 discussing the Stargate RPG.

In case you haven’t seen any Stargate series episodes in a while, or may not exactly remember the above actors’ roles in the series, let’s refresh.

  • Alexis Cruz – Skaara
  • David Blue – Eli Wallace
  • David Hewlett – Dr. Rodney McKay
  • Julie McNiven – Ginn
  • Rainbow Sun Francks – Lt. Aiden Ford
  • Simone Bailly – Ka’lel

The Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game Kickstarter was only recently launched, and was fully funded in less than four hours. No official word was mentioned as to the scenario that will be played during the Stargate session, but it may be presumed to be linked with the “Stargate: Phoenix” canon that is the basis of the Stargate RPG setting. Players will roleplay as an SG-1 team based at the Stargate Pheonix site, and off-world SG command center with the mission to “bring together and train volunteers from those worlds and cultures” discovered via the stargate for the purpose of no less than the exploration and defense of the free galaxy.

In case you’re wanting to get more info on the game itself before the October 18 live stream, click over to the official Stargate RPG website at Under the About tab are three sections with deep details on the game. In the Stargate: Phoenix – A Living RPG Series section, there is a handy free downloadable Stargate Phoenix Series Guide that details the ‘Living Series’ aspect of the game, and how you can go ahead and roll up and register your Stargate Pheonix operative ahead of the game’s release.

For more incoming Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game info, dial into the Wyvern Gaming and GateWorld websites and social channels.

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