Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Your most-played multiplayer game

GameCentral readers reveal the multiplayer games they’ve played the most, from Destiny to Monster Hunter.

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Xane, who asked what multiplayer game you’ve played the most overall, including the same game on different formats. Do you still play it to this day and how good do you rate yourself at it?

We plenty of different answers, from all eras of gaming, with a mix between older games that have appeared on multiple formats, such as Tetris, and more modern games as a service titles like Rainbow Six Siege.


Street Fighting Man

I think my answer for this would probably be Street Fighter IV. It’s either that or Street Fighter II but I have a feeling that no matter how long those days playing as a kid seemed to go on for I suspect it wasn’t really as much as I think. Street Fighter IV though I was probably almost addicted to.

I hadn’t thought of the series, or played any beat ‘em-up, for years before Street Fighter IV came out and, I think like many, it was a real nostalgia hit when it first came out and it still played like the original. Then once the nostalgia died off I realised that it was actually a really good game and I got into even more and started to become good.

I say good, I’m nowhere near professional level or anything but I’m also certainly not one of those goofs that just sits online playing as Akuma all day. I still play the game today, although not nearly as much as it its peak, and never got into Street Fighter V in quite the same way. I guess by that point the novelty had warn off, so I agree that the next one should try and shake things up a bit.


Peak Halo

Probably Halo 3 for me. That was the peak for the series, I think, and probably the time of playing a popular multiplayer game that I felt the most in tune with the scene and that I was really one of the top players. I probably wasn’t worldwide or anything but I would be able to wipe the floor with my mates and eventually find them no contest at all.

The funny thing is I never had any great interest in the story mode or the whole lore surrounding the game. To me Halo was the multiplayer and the other stuff felt almost like a spin-off. I still played the story campaigns though, just because they were there, but really started to lose interest with the stories in 4 and 5.

I hope Halo Infinite can return things to their former glory but I have a feeling they’re going to be more influenced by Battle Royale than the original Halo. If it’s too old-fashioned now than so be it, but it’ll always be my favourite.
Baker Boy


Online forever

At first I assumed this would have to be a game I played as a child but I honestly think now it’s probably GTA Online. It’s a game I pop into at least two or three times a week, for an hour or two, and I’ve been doing that since it came out six year ago and there doesn’t look like there’s any sign of it or me stopping.

I think one of the reasons I play it so much is that it doesn’t actually matter how good you are, it’s not some hyper competitive shooter where your kill/death ratio is all that matters. I mean there is plenty of multiplayer modes but you can also just potter around running people over and hanging out with your mates.

I’ve also never spent more than a tenner on it probably in total, so while I’m sure Rockstar do take advantage of whales and the like I’ve had all these years of entertainment for basically the cost of the game and a bit of spare change.


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One or the other

Tricky question this. It’s either Speedball 2 on the Amiga or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the PC. Bit of a difference I know but the first one is my favourite multiplayer game as a kid and PUBG is what I play most today. I’ve put hundreds of hours into it, easily, and managed to fit it in now even though I have a job and a baby on the way.

I think that’s one of the appeals of battle royale actually. You can get a decent game in fairly quickly but unlike an ordinary shooter it’s a bit more meaningful than just a random match. A full game can last quite a while if you survive and even if you don’t win there’s still a great feeling of accomplishment and usually that you’ve learnt something along the way in terms of tactics and whatever.

Whereas just playing a couple of rounds of Call Of Duty, or whatever, just feels kind of meaningless to me now. Whether PUBG’s made me feel that way or whether it’s compensated for me moving away from those other games naturally I don’t know, but I much prefer it this way.


All grown up

Online games have been dominated by Call Of Duty but my faves were the Left 4 Dead games and the Skate games. The community were just more mature and diverse.


Killer instincts

The multiplayer game I played the most was Aliens Vs. Predator. I used to play online against strangers and most of the time I played as the marine with the motion detector. The game design and sound effects did a really good job of replicating the atmosphere from the Alien and Predator movies.

My most memorable moment was when I turned into a corridor and just stopped as my instincts were telling me something was down that corner, although it looked empty and nothing was showing on my motion detector. After a few minutes of waiting I used my gun to break the silence and shoot down the corridor and my instincts were confirmed correct when a predator started running towards me. It was very satisfying when I managed to kill it just before it reached me.

I stopped playing it online due to a lack of time but I have very fond memories of it.

GC: Do you mean the 1999 game or the 2010 one?


Glory days

It’s got to be FIFA or PES for me, but I have no idea which one really. Probably PES 6 I’m going to say though, which would’ve been around 2006. I probably didn’t go a day without playing the game back then, as long as I had access to a suitable mate – which I usually did give my living arrangements at that time.

As the years have gone I’ve had less time for games but also I feel football games have got less interesting to me. All the fun seems to be drained out of them lately, especially FIFA, and they feel too much simulations rather than just video games in their own right.


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Summer job

I’m going to go for a golden oldie here and say… GoldenEye 007. I feel like I must’ve spent the entirety of a whole summer playing that game with mates and don’t regret a second of it. This was the days long before microtransactions and the game was absolutely jam-packed with unlockables and challenges.

So you not only had the fun of playing four-player multiplayer with everyone on the same TV but you could also compete to unlock all the little cheats that all had ridiculous limits in terms of time and so on. It really was the complete package and it saddens me to think that it’s probably unplayable nowadays given the graphics and frame rate.

I wouldn’t say I was the best in our group though but more consistently game second or third. Somehow that didn’t bother me though and there wasn’t that much ribbing about who was best. I think we were just all so entranced by the game as we’d never seen anything like it before. Which is how kids today see Fortnite? I don’t know, but for me it was GoldenEye.


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