Where To Find All The New Characters In Find The Simpsons

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  • Pumpkinson
  • Spider Bart
  • Vampire Burns
  • Dracula
  • Burns Light
  • Maggie Halloween
  • Witch Lisa
  • Krusty Murder Plush
  • Lordmonty Burns
  • Disco Zombie
  • Gobelin Bart
  • Beezle Bart And Helter Skelter
  • Space Homer
  • Nick Riveria And Angel Homer Simpson
  • Ant Man

Find The Simpsons is a popular Roblox game set in the world of Springfield. There are loads of hidden characters (currently 171 added!) across the map. This guide will show you where to find the new characters each time there is a new event. The current event is the Halloween event, and there are 17 new characters to find.

Check back on this page whenever a new event is added/update goes live, because we will hunt for all the new characters and show you where they are! Enjoy the hunt.


At spawn, head left towards the cemetary. There are a pile of Pumpkins just by the gate. Click on them to unlock Pumpkinson.

Spider Bart

Head over the wall in the cemetary, go to the back right corner. You will see Spider Bart hanging on the wall.

Vampire Burns

Complete the parkour puzzle above the leaderboard at spawn (the two black bats and a red bat). When you jump on the red bat, you will teleport to a special area. This is where you'll find Vampire Burns.


Keep jumping up the bats to the top of the area above where you collected Vampire Burns. Reach the top, and you will find Dracula.

Burns Light

Stay where you found Vampire Burns, and interact with all the Candy on the floor. Jump on the trees and jump until you find the Blue candy. Interact with this is and it will open a new area, which is where you'll find Burns Light.

Maggie Halloween

Enter that new area where you found Vampire Burns, then check behind the rocks. You will find Maggie Halloween.

Witch Lisa

In the same area, jump up on the trees, and you'll see Witch Lisa floating there. Jump into it to collect this character!

Krusty Murder Plush

You can find the Krusty Murder Plush by activating the candies in the new area, where Vampire Burns and Maggie are located. This will open up a new parkour puzzle that you need to complete. Jump up to the top and you'll find Krusty!

Lordmonty Burns

Lordmonty Burns is located in the new area you jump to after collecting Krusty. Walk over until you see Lordmontyburns!

Watch out for the falling rocks! They will squish you and reset you all the way back to spawn.

Disco Zombie

You can find the Disco Zombie on the next island after activating all the candy. Watch out for the zombies, they will attack you!

Gobelin Bart

You will find Gobelin Bart on the same island!

Beezle Bart And Helter Skelter

Kill all the zombies on the island with your sword, and this will unlock the final island where you can find Beezle Bart and Helter Skelter. Good job, you've completed this area of the parkour puzzle challenge!

Space Homer

From spawn, head left towards the church. You will see a sort of film set. Walk over to it and click on the moon – this will teleport you to a new area where you will find Space Homer!

Nick Riveria And Angel Homer Simpson

To find Nick and Homer, head to the Aztec Casino. In the fountain in front of the building, click on the doctor's syringe in the pool. Check the image above! This will teleport you to a new area where you can find two characters find.

Ant Man

Ant Man can be found really close to spawn! Just walk over to the Morph Multiverse section and check the hat of one of the South Park characters. You'll find the tiny Ant Man right there.

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