While Amazon Works On Fixes, New World Fans Are Playing The Game In Unintended Ways

In case you somehow weren't aware, New World isn't having the best time right now. While it has scooped up an impressive playerbase, it seems to go from one problem to the next, and some players have had enough.

With trading down in EU servers for days now, it's getting increasingly difficult to play the game as intended. Players say that their stock is stacking up, and having nowhere to trade is putting others off from logging in at all. With certain supplies running low, waging war against other factions seems to be off the cards – so the players who are sticking around are having to make their own fun.

"We all agreed a cease fire on our server", says Reddit user tipsyclown. "It's turned into Hello Kitty Island Adventure where you run around and collect materials and build things with your friends." Other servers are opting to host a good 'ol non-violent fishing tournament, since factions just can't get enough players to sign up for battles.

Unfortunately, not every server is finding a fun way to pass the time. "People quit or transferred off. Everyone but the dominant faction", explains emitwohs. "90 percent of players like when they are on the winning side. So now the server is just purely one faction."

NewAccountEvryYear agrees, saying: "It is debilitating to play without the marketplace with the game's weight restrictions and player-driven economy. We aren't even getting a full sign up of 50 people for wars on Amenti right now, one of the most populated EU servers".

This isn't even the only issue to face the EU servers this week. They were completely unplayable for most of Wednesday, underdoing emergency maintenance to combat a coin compensation bug. The servers did return, but not without issues. Anyone who was transferring servers at the time of the maintenance was unable to log back in, getting a warning that reads "character_restore_failure". If you are still facing this issue, Amazon says you should reach out for support.

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