Why Yes, I Do Workout—New Mod Provides Limitless Positive Feedback In Skyrim

We’ve all run around Skyrim completely naked at some point or another (some of us have even downloaded mods to be even more naked than the game allows). But usually, the NPCs of Skyrim aren’t all that impressed with what the Dovahkin has to offer—some are downright fearful of all that beautiful heroic muscle, while others just demand that you cover-up.

If you’re tired of hearing Adrianne Avenicci ask you to put your shirt on, then we’ve got the mod for you.

The Positive Undressed Reactions mod will finally give Skyrim’s NPCs the appropriate voice lines for when a mostly nude Dragonborn walks on by with a rockin’ bod and nothing to be ashamed of. Modder Ria Everglaid did a great job repurposing old or unused lines, splicing together others, or outright creating lines using xVASynth to play up the Dragonborn’s ego as much as possible.

“All are written in a surprised, embarrassed, or impressed tone, with no vulgar or degrading terms,” writes Everglaid on Nexus Mods. “I tried to avoid anything that could come off as an unwanted advance. Even vanilla has worse stuff!”

Everglaid’s trailer shows the mod in action. With a silly walk and almost no clothes, Whiterun’s NPCs spout nothing but praise.

“Hope you don’t mind me staring,” comments Jon Battle-Born, while merchant Carlotta Valentia follows that up with, “Now that’s a body I wouldn’t mind seeing more often.”

You’ll get great lines from both men and women regardless of gender or orientation. The mod even removes existing negative lines so there’s only positive vibes heading the player’s way.

Currently, the Positive Undressed Reactions mod only works with Skyrim Special Edition, but a port to the 2011 original game is in the works. Throw in a few extra body mods and an expressive NPC mod, and you’ve got the perfect solution to feeling down about your quarantine weight.

If you need some help getting this mod working, we’ve got a guide to get you started. And if this is your first mod, there’s a much wider world of Skyrim mods out there to explore. There’s even one that’ll let you play Skyrim as a two-player co-op experience.

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