Wild Beyond The Witchlight Takes The Next D&D Hardcover To The Feywild

Dungeons & Dragons is kicking off a “Week of Legend Lore” with the announcement of a Feywild-themed hardcover book. Called The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, it brings the land of fey to D&D 5E for the first time. Details were scarce, but there will be new player options that add whimsical powers to your arsenal.

The Week of Legend Lore is a series of D&D reveals that will take place throughout this week, a bold move as Wizards of the Coast rubs up against the huge E3 schedule. Every day, a gnome bard (played by Erike Fermina) called Ellywick Tumblestrum will uncover a new legend which leads to a new announcement. Today’s announcement was The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. The alternate cover art was revealed, and can be seen at the top, while the standard cover is pictured below.

Amazon jumped the gun early (as it always does) and put up a listing to pre-order The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. This confirms the September 21 release date, as well as the fact that the book will contain a full adventure. The level range of the adventure is unknown, but the book will also come with new feywild-themed player options, monsters, and mechanics. It’s a good bet that the recent “Folk of the Feywild” Unearthed Arcana will make a comeback in some form.

That little bit is all we have to go on for now, although more will be revealed at D&D Live on July 16-17. Be sure to check back with TheGamer for the rest of the week as we cover the other D&D reveals during this Week of Legend Lore.

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