Witcher 3 Mod Replaces Geralt With Henry Cavill

Excited for The Witcher Netflix series? If you’re impatient for it to arrive, or you know, you just really like its star Henry Cavill, you can swap out Geralt’s face for his instead in The Witcher 3.

Now, you can chop off monsters’ heads, play Gwent in a tavern, and romance Triss or Yennefer all while looking like Cavill. This is possible thanks to a mod created by Adnan4444 that replaces Geralt’s face with the actor’s.

Doug Cockle, the voice actor of Geralt, gave his humorous take on Twitter about what he thinks of the recent mod.

Let’s just get this straight… I don’t give a rats hairy buttocks about the Henry Cavill face mod on game Geralt. They left my glorious performance captured biceps and pecs alone thank goodness and that’s all I care about. ? @HenryCavillNews #witcher https://t.co/VLjdq50hpW

The Witcher Netflix series releases later this year. Read about how it is going to be based off Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels rather than the games. Watch a trailer for the upcoming series here.

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