Witcher 3: The Lord of Undvik Guide

One of the longer and more confusing side quests in The Witcher 3 is The Lord of Undvik. There are several different choices you are able to make, all of which distinctly influence how it ultimately plays out. This is the kind of quest The Witcher 3 was made famous for, and should not be skipped just because it can be challenging to get through. If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to find Hjalmar and beat the boss waiting at the end of this quest, our guide will help you complete this contract in no time.

The Lord of Undvik Guide

This is a multi-stage quest that will take you across Skellige looking for a man named Hjalmar who has not returned after going out to hunt an ice giant in order to prove he is worthy of becoming the king of Skellige. It is recommended that you be level 17 for this quest, but depending on your choices and skill in combat, you may want to be a little higher than that.

Explore The Ruins

After picking up the quest and talking to some people around the port, you’re sent out to explore the ruins of Urskar. A cutscene will trigger when you reach the wrecked ship giving you a glimpse of the ice troll feeding a group of sirens. Once you’re back in control, take out the sirens so you can get into the boat to search the hull. You’ll meet a man who has spent a bit too much time here, but is able to tell you where Hjalmar has set up camp in an old guard tower. You can also bring him some twine and nails if you like, but if not just carry on.

Find Hjalmar’s Camp

The path to the camp is guarded by a few more sirens, and when you arrive it becomes clear the group was attacked. Use your Witcher senses to search the clues, specifically the two sets of tracks. Follow the set that leads away from camp, as opposed to the ones of the men dragging the boat, into a cave. Here you’ll find a set of three trolls getting ready to cook a survivor for dinner unless you’re able to beat them at a game of riddles. Or, if you’re a more aggressive type, you can simply fight them.

If you gamble with them, the correct answer to their riddle is a troll. No matter how you save the man — named Folan — he will tell you how to reach the ice giant and accompany you on your quest. Head back and follow the other set of tracks to find the boat the men were dragging, and some more tracks leading to a series of caves.

Cross The Lake

Make your way inside and dive from the giant cliff into the water below where you’ll be ambushed by some Erynias. These caves are very dark and can be quite confusing to navigate, so make good use of your torch and Witcher senses. If you get lost, try and find your way back to where you first landed, or follow the red outlined bodies scattered around. There’s plenty of things to loot down there if you like, and some bodies to investigate, but the way forward is along the left side of the cave, climbing up some ledges until you come to the exit. Head into the large building directly to the right upon exiting and the next cutscene will trigger.

Folan will explain that none of the bodies you find inside are Hjalmar’s. Chase down the shadow you see in the background and kill the Devourer. Pick up the clues and follow yet another set of tracks back out through a hole in the wall. Eventually you will finally meet Hjalmar who is under attack from some more Sirens. Help him out and a conversation will start.

Find And Kill The Giant

Together with Folan and Hjalmar, your last task is to find the giant’s lair and slay it. Follow Hjalmar up the mountain path to trigger another scene where you open a way into the giant’s cave. While sneaking in, Vigi will ask you to free him from a cage, but Hjalmar will suggest leaving him until you’ve dealt with the giant.

If you listen to Hjalmar, leaving Vigi in the cage, he will die no matter what. After the fight, Geralt and Hjalmar will observe the crushed cage and Vigi’s corpse.

If you want to free Vigi, the key is found on the left side of the cave. You’ll need to make sure to only step on the snow to stay quiet enough as to not wake the giant early and grab it out of the chest. It glows red with your Witcher sense. Once he’s free, Vigi will begin the fight with the giant.

The first phase is fairly easy. All you have to watch out for is the giant’s big swings, which are easily rolled through, though damaging if you get caught. Use Yrden to trap him for easy damage until phase two where it grabs a boat anchor as a weapon. He will swing it in big slow arcs. Keep dodging, drop Yrden when you can, and get in some hits whenever it’s safe to do so. If you saved Vigi you will still have to beat the giant in a short amount of time or he’ll be killed.

Once the giant is dead, you get the final choice of the quest. Do you take credit for killing the giant, or let Hjalmar claim the glory? This choice doesn’t have much impact, so choose whatever you like. Just make sure to choose not to go with Hjalmar and take a look around or you’ll miss the opportunity to loot the giant’s body and other treasures.

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