Wo Long Demo Comes To PC, Xbox, And PlayStation On February 24

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will have one more demo before the game's full release on consoles, PC, and Game Pass. And just like the last demo, players will be enticed with a cool helmet that'll transfer over to the released game.

February 24 is when you can try the new Nioh-like game from Team Ninja. Set in the Three Kingdoms period, you'll play as a nameless soldier in a dark fantasy world where demons, monsters, and dragons run rampant. You'll be armed with an arsenal of weapons, equipment, and spells, as well as some god patrons, but we're still a little unclear on the protagonist's motivations.

The combat, however, is certainly cool. Very much an evolution of Nioh's fluid mechanics (and something that Team Ninja has made a name for itself), players will be able to perform stylish combos, mid-air attacks, and devastating final blows to enemies with broken spirits. A morale system provides your character with an expanding bar of potential energy that can be used to unleash special attacks and spells. Enemies have a spirit bar too, and the more their strikes hit home, the more spirit they'll gain to become even more challenging foes.

There's no difficulty options, and those new to Nioh might find Wo Long "punishing," as noted in our look at the previous demo in September. Wo Long also has Soulslike features, such as enemies that respawn after you heal at a checkpoint or invasions from other players. There are even some NPCs that will summon other players to fight you as their minions, much like Dark Souls 2's Looking Glass Knight.

Although difficult for beginners, mastery of Wo Long's combat can become intensely rewarding. As our own Issy Van Der Velde wrote, "It’s the most gratifying dance of combat I’ve experienced since Sekiro."

The final demo coming on February 24 will provide players with the Crouching Dragon Helmet for participating, and save data will transfer over to the final game when it arrives on March 3. Unlike the last demo, it'll be available on all platforms. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will release on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. It'll also release on Game Pass too.

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