Wonderfully Charming Platformer Horace Heads To Switch This Month

The wonderfully charming retro platformer Horace is heading to Switch later this month. Publisher 505 Games announced earlier today that a port to Nintendo’s hybrid platform would be releasing on October 21, 2020, on the eShop. 505 has confirmed it will be a digital-only title, for the time being, so don’t get your hopes up for a physical release.

A Switch branded trailer doesn’t reveal anything particularly new, but it does give us a glimpse of the title running on Nintendo’s platform. Everything looks as it should. There’s no slowdown, lower resolution, or altered visuals. This is basically Horace on Switch, portability, and all.

Released last year on PC to critical acclaim, Horace has become something of a fan favorite among indie gamers. Not currently available on consoles, this Switch port might be signaling ports to other platforms in the future. It would make sense given that retro games are in.

I missed out on Horace last year, but catching up on indie titles is painless on Switch. With the console being somewhat underpowered compared to its competitors, it makes so an excellent console to experience retro and classic-inspired games. Horace simply makes sense on Switch and I’m more inclined to give it a shot now that I can take it on the go.

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