World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Ruby Life Pools Complete Dungeon Walkthrough

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight features eight new dungeons, some of which you will encounter as you venture through the main campaign. Found in the Waking Shores, the Ruby Life Pools are the sacred location in which the Red Dragonflight raise the eggs of their kin, protecting and guarding them against all threats. However, Raszageth the Storm Eater has laid siege to the Pools, seeking to steal the eggs, thereby removing the influence of the Titans upon her kind once and for all.

This guide will teach you the fundamental mechanics and layout of the Ruby Life Pools Dungeon. It will cover notable trash mechanics, boss strategies, loot, Mythic Plus routing, and more.

Melidrussa Trash

Before the first boss lies the Infusion Chambers. A long corridor featuring several types of enemy, this section is typically the easiest part of the dungeon, with only a few mobs being of any notable consequence.

You can aim to complete this section in five pulls while making sure to pull the initial Primal Juggernaut into the next pack of mobs. If you are tanking, make sure to utilise a line of sight to group up the packs. This will allow your DPS to cleave more effectively and prevents any ninja pulls.




Primal Juggernaut x2

  • Excavating Blast: Causes an area on the ground to explode, dealing huge damage and knocking allies back.
  • Crushing Smash: Tank buster ability inflicting high Physical damage.
  • Dodge at all costs.
  • Either mitigate with a defensive or kite out of melee range.

Defier Draghar x1

  • Blazing Rush: Rushes to a player, inflicting Physical damage to all players and a 6-second duration Bleed.
  • Steel Barrage: Blitzes the tank with multiple attacks and causes multiple small fire pools to land around players for each hit.
  • This charge has a long wind up, so you should have time to dodge, the Bleed is very nasty, so this is your top priority.
  • The fires are slow to land and easy to dodge, but the tank is going to get hit very hard unless they kite.

Flashfrost Chillweaver x5

  • Ice Shield: Causes an ally to gain a stacking absorb shield and become immune to crowd control.
  • Icebolt: Standard ranged cast.
  • Both of these abilities are kickable, although Icebolt is low damage so prioritise Ice Shield. The Shield can also be purged.

Flashfrost Earthshaper x4

  • Tectonic Slam: Slams the ground dealing AoE damage to all players within 40 yards
  • This is the enemy that will primarily cause deaths here, as the cast hits quite hard, so make sure to use crowd control to interrupt them

Primal Terrasentry x5

  • Stone Missile: Nasty ground-targeted missile that deals high damage and knocks players back
  • Make sure to dodge this, although it can be hard to see among the other ground effects/dodgeable abilities

Lining the corridors on the Infusion Chambers are Dragon Eggs. It is important neither players nor enemies walk over these eggs, as they will endlessly spawn Infused Whelps, which while squishy, will apply a stacking Chill effect to their target.

Melidrussa Chillworn

Standing at the end of the Infusion Chambers lies Melidrussa Chillworn. A powerful Frost Mage, she provides a high-damage fight which can be stressful on your Healer.



  • Hailbombs: Causes damage to all players and causes a Hailbomb to spawn underneath their model. This bomb will detonate on impact with a player dealing massive damage to them.
  • Try to stack up for these, as there is a delay between the cast beginning and the drop-off.
  • Chillstorm: Afflicts a player with an Icestorm that drops off them after a few seconds, causing an icy vortex that pulls players towards it and deals ticking damage over 6 seconds. The storm then explodes, damaging all players and pushing them back.
  • The affected player must run as far away as possible from the middle of the room.
  • Avoid the pull-in effect without touching any of the Hailbombs.
  • High healing requirement, but you should try to save cooldowns for the Frost Overload instead.
  • Frigid Shard: Standard ranged tank attack.
  • Tank damage is overall quite low on this fight
  • Awaken Whelps: At 66% and 33% health, she will spawn a large quantity of Infused Whelps from among the Dragon Eggs located at the sides of the arena.
  • The Whelps do not do much damage, but there are a lot of them, so this is a good time to use damage cooldowns.
  • The Healer should dispel the Primal Chill stacks on the tank to stop them from becoming stunned.
  • Frost Overload: The boss will apply Ice Bulwark to herself, channeling damage to all players while it remains uninterrupted.
  • Quickly try to burst through the shield and interrupt her asap.
  • Prioritise the boss shield instead of the Whelps.

Kokia Trash

The most challenging section of the dungeon on Fortified weeks, the upper ring of the Life Pools features some especially difficult enemies. Before fighting the second boss; Kokia Blazehoof, you must first clear out the four Blazebound Destroyers located around the platform.




Thunderhead x1

  • Thunder Jaw: High Physical and Nature damage tank buster, that also knocks the target back.
  • Rolling Thunder: Afflict two players with a hard-hitting dot, that damages all players when removed.
  • Storm Breath: Brutal frontal breath aimed towards a random player with a fast channel time.
  • Use a tank cooldown to survive, and watch out you don't get knocked back into more enemies.
  • One dot should be dispelled instantly, but the other will need high spot healing.
  • Avoid at all costs.

Flamegullet x1

  • Flame Breath: Devastating frontal breath, with a deceptively quick cast.
  • Fire Maw: Deal both Physical and Fire damage to the target, as well as a Fire dot for 10 seconds.
  • Molten Blood: Stacking damage over time to all players with each application.
  • Dodge at all costs, try to position close to him for an easier time
  • Use a defensive or external, kiting him is not recommended due to the Fire Breath.
  • Burst Flamegullet down quickly before the stacks become overwhelming.

Blazebound Destroyer x4

  • Living Bomb: Inflicts a player with a debuff that explodes after 6-seconds, dealing damage and knocking both allies and enemies into the air.
  • Summon Scorchlings: Spawns a few Scorchlings.
  • Burnout: Upon death, explodes in a large area, dealing huge Fire damage to any players inside.
  • Inferno: Inflict Fire damage to all players and applies a 6-second Fire damage dot.
  • Avoid allies, but you can run on top of enemy mobs to get a free knock up.
  • Very easy to deal with, the dot they apply can be dispelled.
  • It's a big area, so try to avoid pulling patrolling enemies while you are running out.
  • Can be a pain to deal with alongside other mechanics, use personals to help out the Healer.

Scorchlings x8 (there are many more available)

  • Burning Touch: Afflict a small Fire dot onto the target.
  • Dispel the dot and the mobs are very squishy, so you can easily round them up and cleave them down.

Primalist Cinderweaver x8

  • Burning Ambition: Applies a damage increase to itself but also a damage taken increase.
  • Cinderbolt: Standard ranged cast but onto a random player.
  • To get rid of these quickly, let the Burning Ambition cast go through but keep Cinderbolt interrupted.

Primalist Flamedancer x6

  • Blaze of Glory: Upon reaching one health, apply a shield and deal damage to nearby enemies, while spraying fire pools onto the floor
  • Flame Dance: Deal Fire damage to the target player before bursting and dealing Fire damage to all players
  • The shield can be purged, which is the quickest way to kill the mob, otherwise stay away from it and let the shield drop off after 8 seconds
  • Cannot be interrupted, so use hard crowd control instead

Flamegullet can actually be avoided if you are careful enough, as he flies around the platform. He is a truly horrible mob so try not to pull him!

Kokia Blazehoof

The second boss in the instance, Kokia, is all about positioning. Running far away from your group can be detrimental, so try to remain semi-stacked.



Ritual of Blazebinding: Create a large explosion area at a player's location, before summoning a Blazebound Firestorm in the centre.

  • A large area, make sure to run out of it.

Blazebound Firestorm:

  • Burnout: Upon death, explodes in a large area, dealing huge Fire damage to any players inside, and leaving behind a large pool of lava.
  • Roaring Blaze: Interruptible cast that deals Fire damage to all players.
  • Inferno: Inflict Fire damage to all players and applies a 6-second Fire damage dot.
  • This add is your top priority, and should be hard swapped to.
  • Keep it interrupted and try to nuke it down asap, while avoiding Burnout.

Molten Boulder: Aims a fiery boulder towards a player, rolling forwards and dealing huge fire damage to players caught, whilst leaving a trail of lava behind.

  • You will need to stay vigilant, as the boss performs this frequently.
  • Stay to bait the boulder into walls to give your group more room to play around.

Searing Blows: Tank buster, that strikes multiple times before applying a Bleed.

  • Use a tank cooldown.

Kyrakka Trash

The final section is a long open-air platform, featuring many storm enemies and a mini-boss. Mainly rough on your Healer, this part is thankfully not as tricky as the previous one.




Storm Warrior x9

  • Thunderclap: Deal damage to nearby players and slow them.
  • Only has a 5-yard range, so most of your group should be able to avoid this by staying at max melee range or further.

Primal Thundercloud x 18

  • Tempest Barrier: Maintains a large shield.
  • Crackling Detonation: Upon removal on Tempest Barrier, flies to a location dealing damage to players hit and destroying itself.
  • The shield can be purged, for a quick and easy kill.

Tempest Channeler x2

  • Summon Primal Thundercloud: Spawns a few small enemies.
  • Thunderbolt: Standard ranged cast.
  • Lightning Storm: Channels a high damage AoE nature cast into the whole group.
  • Small adds should not be a problem, just watch out for the detonation when they die.
  • Keep this interrupted.
  • The time to use defensives and Healing cooldowns, this deals big damage so stay vigilant.

Flame Channeler x2

  • Flashfire: Ignites a player, dealing damage to any other players around them and healing the caster for 3% of damage done.
  • Burning Veins: Increases own haste by 50% but also applies a Fire dot to themselves.
  • Your priority kick, this cast should never be allowed to go off.
  • Can be nice to let this go through, in order for the mob to die faster.

High Channeler Ryvati x1

  • Lightning Storm: Channels a high damage AoE nature cast into the whole group.
  • Tempest Stormshield: Grants a shield to the caster and absorbs any nearby. Tempest Barriers. Upon detonation, it will deal high Nature damage to all players.
  • Summon Primal Thundercloud: Spawns a few small enemies.
  • Shock Blast: Standard ranged cast also applying a Nature damage dot.
  • A nasty mob, try to use healer cooldowns during the Lightning Storm, and kill off any Primal Thunderclouds to help reduce the size of her shield.
  • Interrupt Shock Blast.

Kyrakka And Erkhart Stormvein

Undoubtedly the most challenging fight in the dungeon, and possibly one of the most difficult dungeon bosses in Dragonflight. This is a two-phase encounter featuring heavy movement and heavy damage. So focus on your positioning and try to stay close to your healer.

If you have some ranged DPS in your group, you should try to focus your damage into Kyrakka, as the dragon's abilities are much more impactful than Erkhart's, and the fight becomes much easier once one of the bosses is dead.




Infernocore: Both of Kyrakka's other abilities apply Infernocore, a small fire dot, that leaves a nearby Flaming Embers pool for each expired stack.

  • These pools reapply Infernocore, so try your best to never touch them, else the platform will quickly fill up with fire

Flamespit: Targets a player with light Fire damage and applies Infernocore to them. During Phase 2 this will target all players.

  • If affected, run to the edge of the platform, in order to leave space in the middle for group movement.

Roaring Firebreath: Frontal Fire cone that has a huge range and applies Infernocore to players hit.

  • Imperative you don't get hit by this, you can track Kyrakka as she flies around in the air, to know from which direction the next Firebreath will come from.

Erkhart Stormvein



Winds of Change: Summons a storm, that pushes all players and Flaming Embers in a certain direction, as well as dealing light Nature damage.

  • Tricky to deal with, try to stay relatively grouped, and avoid any incoming Flaming Embers pools.

Interrupting Cloudburst: AoE Nature damage that also interrupts player casts.

  • Stop casting just before this cast goes off, else you will be silenced for four seconds.

Stormslam: Tank buster, that deals massive Physical and Nature damage, alongside leaving a 100% Nature damage taken increase debuff.

  • Healer should dispel this immediately, as two stacks will normally prove lethal.
  • Tanks should be using their defensive cooldowns to survive these hits.

Phase One sees the bosses separated, with Kyrakka flying around. When either boss reaches 50 percent health, Phase two will start. Erkhart will jump onto Kyrakka's back and you can cleave both of the bosses – although focusing one down is the better play the majority of the time.

This fight is very hectic, so try to stay calm and focus on dropping off any fire pools at the edge of the platform. Avoid getting boxed in and don't be afraid to use up most of the platform to find some free space!

Ruby Life Pools Loot

Melidrussa Chillworn




Chillworn's Infusion Staff

Intellect Staff

Crit, Mastery

Subjugator's Chilling Grips

Leather Hands

Crit, Versatility

Egg Tender's Leggings

Mail Legs

Haste, Versatility

Scaleguard's Starlwart Greatboots

Plate Feet

Versatility, Mastery

Ruby Whelp Shell


Strength, Agility, Intellect Spawns a Ruby Whelp to help you in combat

Kokia Blazehoof




Havoc Crusher

One-Handed Agility Mace

Crit, Haste

Kokia's Burnout Rod

Intellect Off-hand

Crit, Versatility

Blazebound Lieutenant's Helm

Mail Head

Versatility, Mastery

Fireproof Drape


Haste, Mastery

Invader's Firestorm Chestguard

Leather Chest

Versatility, Mastery

Blazebinder's Hoof

Strength Trinket

Haste One use Strength proc, that also emits a wave of fire

Kyrakka/ Ekrhart Stormvein




Backdraft Cleaver

Two-Handed Agility Axe

Crit, Haste

Skyferno Rondel

Agility Dagger

Haste, Versatility

Drake Rider's Stecktarge


Versatility, Mastery

Crown of Roaring Storms

Leather Head

Crit, Versatility

Breastplate of Soaring Terror

Plate Chest

Haste, Mastery

Galerattle Gauntlets

Mail Hands

Crit, Mastery

Sky Saddle Cord

Cloth Waist

Haste, Mastery

Wind Soarer's Breeches

Cloth Legs

Crit, Mastery

Kyrakka's Searing Embers


Crit Helpful spells and abilities can spawn a Burning Ember on an ally, which flares up, healing them and dealing damage to nearby enemies

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