World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Where To Find Enkine The Voracious

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As with any new expansion, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has added heaps of new rares to hunt down and kill. However, this time around, there are not only regular rares, but super rares — and as the unofficial name implies, these guys have a chance to drop even better gear.

Among the many super rares is Enkine the Voracious, but this imposing lava worm is a bit of a special case. He does not simply spawn on a timer as with most of the super rares, but has to be summoned through specific means. So, let’s look at how exactly you can find Enkine and check him off your rares-to-kill list.

What Is A Super Rare?

As you can imagine, a super rare is better than a regular rare just by virtue of its (unofficial) name. However, it’s for good reason: while regular rares can drop gear that scales up to a maximum item level of 372, super rares can drop gear that scales up to a maximum item level of 385.

The loot you get from rares in general is not guaranteed to be equipable by your character. For example, if you’re a Hunter, you can still loot the one-handed mace Inextinguishable Gavel, even though you can’t use it.

How To Spawn And Beat Enkine The Voracious

To spawn this super rare you’re going to need Lava Spices. These are lootable from the Restless Lava and Lavaslurpers all along the thin lava river that extends from Enkine’s spawn location shown in the map above, but they have pretty low drop rates. Persistence is key, but they should respawn pretty quickly.

Once you’ve got the Lava Spices, use it, then go fishing at his spawn pool — you'll see a Tuskaar NPC fishing for him too, and he'll comment on something lurking below. Alternatively, you could wait for someone else to fish him up for you.

You are not guaranteed to fish Enkine up on your first fishing cast. Keep at it!

An important thing to note here is that Enkine applies a stacking DoT to all players fighting him. Initially, it’s not much to worry about, but it is wise to kill him fast, as that DoT can get very out of hand and kill everyone — especially if there are no healers around.

Enkine has over five million health, so unless you have incredible DPS or pets that can tank for you, it's highly recommended to wait until other players are around or group up in order to beat him. He's also in lava, so being within melee range will see you take burn damage very quickly.

Enkine The Voracious Loot Table

Here is the gear you can get from killing Enkine the Voracious. Depending on your item level upon killing him, the gear can scale up to 385.

Gear Name

Gear Type

Volcanic Chakram

Fist Weapon

Regurgitated Stone Handaxe

One-Handed Axe

Inextinguishable Gavel

One-Handed Mace

Molten Flak Cannon


Ring of Embers


Primal Ritual Shell


Blazing Essence


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