World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King Classic – Frenzyheart Tribe Reputation Guide

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Classic World of Warcraft's The Wrath of the Lich King expansion follows the path of Prine Arthas into the north, where he disappeared into a desolate landscape of snow and ice, never to return. The cold-weather environment of Northrend is a nice change from the greenery of Elwoynn Forest or the harsh red sand of the Barrens, but when the chill gets into the adventuring bones, it's time to visit the continent's green heart, Shalozar Basin.

After thawing out and getting some sun, players can explore the area through a variety of quests that involve both fellow visitors and locals. Two of the dominant factions in this zone are the Frenzyheart Tribe and their rivals, the Oracles. Grinding rep with each faction has its own rewards, and there are also some unique achievements connected to each, so here's how to get started.

The Oracles, who dwell in the Rainspeaker Canopy to the north of Franzyheart Hill, will hate you for helping their rivals, but don't worry if you want to get Exalted for both. There's a process to follow that involves a quest chain and an entertaining storyline, and it's possible to switch between factions once it has been completed. For those that want to get Exalted with both factions, it's generally the Frenzyheart ally first, followed by befriending the Oracles.

The Frenzyheart Tribe – Who They Are And Where To Find Them

In the center of Shalozar Basin is the landing pad and small encampment of River's Heart, and Frenzyheart Hill is located on its southeastern side. Tracker Gekgek, who you will meet in the wilderness on a hunt, will direct you to his home.

Frenzyheart Hill is surrounded by wooden spikes and its most prominent feature is a large mammoth skull. This is where you'll find High-Shaman Rakjak, and he'll give you a quest that gets the long chain and storyline started.

The Frenzyheart Quest Chain

The questline for the Frenzyheart doesn't appear immediately upon your arrival. You'll finish some quests at the Nesingwary Base Camp first, which you'll be directed to straight from the Krasus' Landing in Dalaran, and there won't be a flight path available until you finish a quest to bring the resident mechanic a new engine for the float plane.

Eventually, Hemet Nesingwary sends you back to Rivers Heart to speak to Tamara Wobblesprocket. She sends you on The Part Time Hunter quest to kill a big black cat named Pitch. It's easy to find and kill him, but the problem is that a Wolvar Tracker named Gekgek, a member of the Frenzyheart Tribe, accuses you of stealing his kill.

To find out how to compensate him for this insult, he tells you to speak to High-Shaman Rakjak in Frenzyheart Hill. Each of the following quests rewards Frenzyheart Reputation except the last one.

Frenzyheart Hill

Quest TitleObjectiveReward
Playing AlongAfter you steal Gekgek's kill, speak to High-Shaman Rakjak on the highest point of Frenzyheart Hill.5,350 exp, 1 gold 66 silver, 350 rep
The Ape Hunter's Slave Take Goregek, a Frenzyheart, with you on a hunt for large primates.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
Tormenting the Softknuckles Torment some baby Softknuckle gorillas to lure out the Hardknuckle Matriarch and kill her.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 500 rep
The Wasp Hunter's Apprentice Kill two different kinds of wasps by the Sapphire Hive with Dajik, a Frenzyheart with healing abilities. 21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
The Sapphire QueenReturn to the Sapphire hive and kill the Queen. Bring her stinger back to Rakjak.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 500 rep, choice of armor
Flown the Coop!Elder Harkek needs you to catch 12 escaped chickens, also the daily quest.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep, choice of armor
The Underground MenaceKill Serfex, a pesky sandworm, and bring his claw to High-Shaman Rakjak.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 500 rep
Mischief in the MakingBring High-Shaman Rakjak crystals from Skyreach Pillar.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
A Rough RideRide the captive crocolisk to Zepik's location near the Oracle's shrine.5,350 exp, 1 gold 66 silver, 350 rep
Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice Place the crystals by the Oracle's shrine to damage it.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 500 rep, choice of armor
The Mist Isn't ListeningKill 12 of any Gorlocs, aka "big tongues."21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
Hoofing ItReturn to High-Shaman Rakjak.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
Just Following OrdersFind the injured Gorloc tracker and bring him back to the High-Shaman Rakjak.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver Northrend Adventuring Supplies
Fortunate MisunderstandingsFollow the injured Oracle to Rainspeaker Canopy and speak to High-Oracle Soo-say.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep with the Oracles, choice of armor

Even if you aren't planning on grinding rep with the Oracles, don't stop at this point. Both sides of the quest chain have to be finished in order to get to Exalted with either the Fenzyheart or the Oracles. The reputation flips at this point but can be changed later.

Rainspeaker Canopy

These quests award rep with the Oracles, in case your ultimate aim is Exalted with them.

Quest TitleObjectiveReward
Make the Bad Snake Go AwayKill 10 King Cobras and their leader, Venomtip.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
Gods like Shiny ThingsCollect shiny baubles for the shrine with Lafoo's help.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
Making PeaceTravel back to Frenzyherat Hill with a peace offering for Shaman Vekjik.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep, choice of armor
Back So Soon?Speak to Mistcaller Soo-gan at Mistwhisper Refuge.10,700 exp, 3 gold 30 silver, 250 rep
The Lost Mistwhisper TreasureKill Warlord Tartek and find the lost Mistwhisper Treasure.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep, choice of armor
Forced HandKill Frenzyheart spear bearers and scavengers.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
Home Time!Return to High-Oracle Soo-say in the Rainspeaker Canopy.10,700 exp, 3 gold 30 silver, 250 rep
The Angry GorlocGo and speak to Moodle in Mosswalker Village.10,700 exp, 3 gold 30 silver, 250 rep
Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine Collect ten shards from the exterior of the Lifeblood Pillar.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep
The Mosswalker SaviorRescue six survivors from Mosswalker Village.21,400 exp, 6 gold 50 silver, 350 rep

Artruis the Heartless

After completing this storyline, you'll get a quest called "A Hero's Burden" that requires you to kill a Lich called Artruis the Heartless. He's located in a cave east of the Lifeblood Pillar, and when you kill him you can choose between the Oracles and Frenzyheart.

There are two NPCs here to aid in the Lich's defeat: Zepik the Gorloc Hunter and Jaloot. Kill Jaloot the Oracle and gain an Honored reputation with the Frenzyheart faction. Atrius resets every day, as do your potential allies, so changing factions is as easy as returning the next day and killing Zepik instead.

The Frenzyheart Daily Quest

There are three available every day, with the first one always staying the same and the other two chosen randomly.

Chicken Party

This quest was called "Flown The Coop!" when you first completed it, and now it's a daily quest under a slightly different name. This is the one that never changes. Just like the original, get the net and capture 12 loose chickens to gain 250 reputation.

The Second Daily

Each of the following is worth 700 Reputation each, and there's one available per day.

  • Kartak's Rampage. Use Oracle Blood to summon Kartak, and using his power, slay 50 Sparktouched Gorlocs.
  • Tools of War. Get some of Zepik's traps from Kartak's Hold and kill 50 Sparktouched Gorlocs.
  • Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart. Drink the secret Frenzyheart beverage and kill 30 Speaktouched Gorlocs.

The Third Daily

Each of the following is worth 500 Reputation, and one is randomly available per day.

  • A Hero's Headgear. Get some explosives from the Venture Company at Swindlegrin's Dig and use them to obtain a Stormwatcher's Head.
  • Rejek: First Blood. Dip Rejek's Blade on the corpses of a Hardknuckle Charger, a Sapphire Hive Wasp, or a Mistwhisper Oracle or Warrior.
  • Strength of the Tempest. Bring some Essence of the Monsoon and Essence of the Storm to the Shrine of the Tempest.
  • The Heartblood's Strength. Bring Rejek a vial of Suntouched Heartblood.

Frenzyheart Reputation Rewards

The Quartermaster of the Frenzyheart Tribe is Tanak, and he can be found on Frenzyheart Hill standing in front of the big mammoth skull.

The main motivation behind the rep grind with the Frenzyheart Tribe is the Disgusting Jar, which is available for purchase from the Quartermaster once Revered status has been achieved. After seven days, the jar has a chance to drop several items, but the most coveted is the Frenzyheart Brew, a toy that gives your character a Wolvar form.


  • Design: Reckless Huge Citrine. A Jewelcrafting recipe for skill levels of 350 or higher.
  • Nepeta Leaf. A handy consumable that buffs speed and damage while in Shalozar Basin.
  • Roasted Mystery Beast. Restores health but not mana and doesn't give any buffs.


  • Azure Strappy Pants. Leather legs that improve hit rating and attack power.
  • Design: Jagged Forest Emerald. A Jewelcrafting recipe for skill levels of 350 or higher.
  • Discarded Titanium Legplates. Plate legs that improve critical strike and spell power.
  • Disgusting Jar. Yields one of the following after fermenting for seven days; Mysterious Fermented Liquid, Frenzyheart Brew, Resurgent Healing Potion, Icy Mana Potion, Powerful Rejuvenation Potion.
  • Giant-Sized Gauntlets. Improves hit rating and dodge rating.
  • Muddied Crimson Gloves. Cloth gloves that increase spell power.
  • Scavenged Feathery Leggings. Mail legs that increase spell power and haste rating.
  • Sparkly Shiny Gloves. Plate gloves that improve critical strike rating and spell power.
  • Stolen Vrykul Harpoon. A thrown weapon that improves haste rating and attack power.


  • Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury. A trinket that improves haste rating and grants the character an ability that increases the chance for a critical strike for ten minutes.

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