WWE 2K22: The Best Technical Wrestlers In The Game, Ranked

Some of the most entertaining wrestlers across different promotions are the grounded but technical performers that are capable of making the action in the ring look convincing. In WWE 2K22, players have a larger selection of technical-style wrestlers that perform a little differently from the high-flyers and the powerhouses in the game.

Unfortunately for all the improvements made, some technical aspects of the series have been removed in WWE 2K22 such as Chain Wrestling. This mechanic was dropped in favor of fast-paced matches where the action gets going from the moment the bell rings. However, you can still select a technical wrestler and control the tempo of the match by working on various body parts with submissions and joint locks. There is a good selection of grapplers in WWE 2K22 that have moves designed to work on a wrestler's body until it's time to finish them off with their patented finishing and signature maneuvers. This list will outline some of the best technicians in WWE 2K22, whether it's through submissions, a higher potential for reversals, or old-school wrestling holds.

8 Pete Dunne AKA Butch

British-born wrestler Pete Dunne just made his Raw debut under the ring name of Butch just after the release of WWE 2K22. He often calls himself the "Bruiserweight" thanks to his shootfighting style. Despite his size, Dunne is believable because he takes down his opponents by targeting pressure points and joints.

Dunne's style is echoed in the game as he has a significant number of moves that combine brawling moves like eye gouges with brutal moves like the Arm-Wringer Finger Snap. His wrestling style is reminiscent of fellow British wrestler and WWE Legend William Regal.

7 Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher is another smaller wrestler that makes up for his lack of size with a technical repertoire. Like Dunne, Thatcher uses a brutal style and combines this with grappling takedowns, arm breakers, and MMA-style mounted palm strikes.

Thatcher's moveset is geared towards working on the legs and body to set up his signature move the Single Leg Boston Crab. However, his finishing move is the Fujiwara Armbar – a submission that Thatcher can work up to by using moves that target the arms with his brutal stomps to the hand and the back of the arms.

6 Chad Gable

Chad Gable has often been compared to Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Legend Kurt Angle and with his moveset, it's easy to see why. Gable is also a former Olympian after competing in Greco-Roman Wrestling in the London 2012 Olympics.

Just like Angle, his real-life wrestling skills translate well to his WWE 2K22 moveset making him one of the best technical wrestlers in the game. He has excellent moves that target the legs and arms like the Ankle Pick/Knee Crusher combo, ankle locks, the Fujiwara Armbar, and Knee Drop Armbreaker. Like Angle, Gable has impressive variations of the suplex and double-leg takedowns that target the body to set up his O'Conner Roll German Suplex finisher.

5 Shayna Baszler

As a former mixed martial artist and a fighter that fought in the UFC, Shayna Baszler is one of those professional wrestlers that can back up her style. She uses a combination of mixed martial arts and amateur style wrestling with a powerful style of wrestling that makes her unique in the women's division.

Baszler's offense consists of stylish ways to get her opponents to the ma that include the Kneeling Armbar takedowns, mounted palm strikes, and Spine Busters. She has devastating submissions that work on every part of the body. However, signature and finishing submissions, the Leg-Trapped Camel Clutch, and the Kirifuda Driver are two of the most impressive in WWE 2K22. Baszler is currently the best female technical wrestler in the game. When Ronda Rousey finally drops as part of the game's DLC, her name will deserve a spot on this list.

4 Ted DiBiase

During his career, WWE Legend "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was always considered one of the best technical wrestlers in the business. This is because he combined his convincing roughneck style, high-impact moves, and old-school wrestling maneuvers that set up his signature and finishing moves.

This is replicated well in the game with the ability to work on multiple body parts. However, many of his moves like the Piledriver, Neckbreakers, and the Fist Drops are designed to set up the sleeper hold known as the Million Dollar Dream.

3 William Regal

William Regal uses that classic British style of wrestling that combines submissions, joint locks, and hard-hitting moves that look convincing to the audience. It also helps that Regal was a legitimate shoot wrestler accepting challenges from members of the public for prize money in Blackpool, England.

Unsurprisingly, that repertoire has transferred well into the wrestling industry and in WWE 2K22. In addition to the multiple joint-based submissions like the Single Leg Camel Clutch and the Cobra Clutch, he has brutal moves like the Knee Pressed Knuckle Grind, the Regal Bomb, and multiple suplex variations. All of these help to set up Regal's signature and finisher moves like the Regal Plex and the Regal Cutter, and the Regal Stretch. Regal also appears as part of WWE 2K22's My GM Mode as a General Manager.

2 Kushida

As a nine-year veteran in NJPW and a six-time IWGP Junior Weight Champion, Kushida is ridiculously underrated in WWE's NXT brand and in the game with a rating of 79. Moreover, he's an undefeated mixed martial artist with ten fights under his belt, so brings a legit style to the pro wrestling business.

His moveset in WWE 2K22 highlights his ability to use submissions and grappling to his advantage. His light grapple alone implements four different variations of arm attacks and wristlocks. His various Armbar submissions are also geared toward working on the arms to set up one of the best submission finishing moves in the game, the Hoverboard Lock.

1 Bret Hart

Bret Hart is still considered one of the greatest technical wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. It wasn't that he attacked his opponents with multiple submission moves and wristlocks, but he had a way of making it look real with every move looking perfect in its execution.

His wrestling told a story in the ring with multiple moves that built up to his signature moves, the Sit-Out Piledriver and the Middle Rope Forearm/Elbow Drop. If those didn't work then Hart would get his opponent with his finisher the Sharpshooter. Using Hart in WWE 2K22 reveals his moveset is designed to work on the player's body, head, and legs in order to win the match with his best moves.

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