Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, And More WWE Stars Will Roll Up To D&D Live 2021

The previously announced D&D Live 2021 is less than a month away and hype is definitely building. Today, G4 has released more information on one of the table of players that will embark on a Dungeons & Dragons adventure during the two-day event. The Chaos Carnival table will be filled with WWE Superstars as they attempt to roll some dice and not die!

Last month, G4 announced a partnership with Wizards of the Coast to air this year’s D&D Live, a yearly celebration of the classic tabletop game. This two-day event will offer viewers four distinct table of players/campaigns, new details on upcoming D&D storylines, first looks at Magic: The Gathering sets, and so much more. Last week, the event announced the first of four tables for the event, the Lost Odyssey: Last Light Table. This D&D campaign will feature a cast of players that includes Jack Black, Kevin Smith, Reggie Watts, Lauren Lapkus, and Jason Mewes. These players will be led through an adventure by host Kate Welch.

The newly announced The Chaos Carnival table will feature a slew of WWE Superstars including: Xavier Woods, who is not only a WWE Superstar but an upcoming G4 host; Ember Moon, whose rapid ascension through the WWE ranks is attributed to her skill, honor, and heart; MACE, a member of the WWE group Retribution; and Tyler Breeze, nicknamed Prince Pretty but deadlier than the name would let on. These players will need to bring their skills out of the ring and hope they can survive what this Chaos Carnival has in store for them.

Leading these Superstars through their adventure will be Dungeon Master extraordinaire Aabria Iyengar. Iyengar, who was recently announced as the GM for both Critical Role’s upcoming Exandria Unlimited and Dimension 20’s Misfits & Magic, shared a little bit about what she has planned for these WWE alums; “It’s no coincidence that the storyline I have prepared for WWE Superstars involves high-flying attractions and wildly dangerous stakes. Each player at the table lost something precious to them at the Chaos Carnival years ago…can they unravel the secrets below the Big Top before they become the next main attraction?”

During the event, the players will be raising money for Connor’s Cure, a charity focused on pediatric cancer research. D&D Live 2021 will take place July 16 – 17 beginning at 12 PM PT. You can catch the stream Live or watch VOD through Peacock, G4TV Twitch and Youtube, or D&D’s Twitch and YouTube. More information can be found at G4Tv.

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