Xbox CEO Promises Yet Again Call Of Duty Will Stay On PlayStation

Phil Spencer has once again tried to convince people that no matter what happens, Call of Duty games will continue to be available on PlayStation. Sony and Call of Duty-playing PlayStation owners remain fearful Spencer will take the series from the platform if Xbox manages to get its Activision Blizzard acquisition over the line.

Spencer was interviewed on Decoder this week (via The Verge) and as usual, the topic of Call of Duty and its exclusivity arose. The Xbox CEO attempted to put the matter to bed once and for all, reiterating that there are no intentions to ever take the series away from PlayStation, no matter what happens. “It’s not about at some point I pull the rug underneath PlayStation 7’s legs and it’s ‘haha you just didn’t write the contract long enough,’,” Spencer said, joking that Xbox will let PlayStation have Call of Duty for two more generations and then take it away.

Spencer explained the issue regarding his and Xbox's attempts to try and convince PlayStation it won't take Call of Duty away seems to revolve around the word “intent”. That Xbox only intends on never taking the series away from other platforms, but it will do after an undetermined number of years. “This idea that we would write a contract that says the word forever in it I think is a little bit silly,” Spencer said.

While a contract committing Call of Duty to PlayStation forever is somewhat ridiculous, Spencer did add on this occasion that the rival platform just needs to name a timeframe it would be okay with. “To make a longer-term commitment that Sony would be comfortable with, regulators would be comfortable with, I have no issue with that at all.”

On the surface, that should be that. Spencer has confirmed Call of Duty can remain on PlayStation for as long as PlayStation wants it to, adding that there will be no streaming or Game Pass caveats hidden in the small print. The saga will likely continue though, as even after the Xbox head said Call of Duty will be on PlayStation as long as PlayStation exists, some still have their doubts.

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