Xbox Is Not Making Shoes, But They Are Making An Air Jordan Console For Some Reason

Microsoft has teamed up with Nike to bring us an Air Jordan-branded Xbox One. For some reason.

To be fair to Microsoft, a brand crossover isn’t exactly new. They’ve already done it a bunch of times, although it’s usually related to a specific game and not a line of shoes. They occasionally branch out into sports, such as this Madden 20-themed Xbox pack in honor of the Super Bowl.

This time, Microsoft has teamed up with Nike to make an Air Jordan-branded Xbox One X. Why? No idea. Something to do, I guess.

We originally got a hint that something was up on Tuesday when the Xbox Twitter account tweeted out this hardly-at-all-confounding video. Then news broke early from Twitter user @J23app about just what the collab would entail.

From the video, we see a red box opening to reveal a red Xbox One X along with matching red controllers. All of them have the Air Jordan logo, which makes sense considering there are a pair of Air Jordan sneakers on either side of the game system.

According to Dexerto, those shoes are the new Air Jordan III Retro U. Presumably they have some sort of Xbox branding on them somewhere, but we can’t tell based on the video.

Today, Microsoft confirmed the crossover with the official announcement of an Air Jordan Xbox One X. Oh, and a contest. Retweet with the hashtag #Xboxsweepstakes for your chance to win this red Xbox One X with Michael Jordan’s unmistakably long stride.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the contest will give you the shoes along with the Xbox One X. Sadly, it appears that the shoes are just shoes and the red package that we saw in the leaked video might by reserved for NBA players for the NBA All-Stars weekend.

Oh well. A red-painted Xbox One X is still nothing to sneeze at. Go ahead and retweet for your chance to win. The winner will be announced in March.

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