Xbox One scores surprise victory against PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Xbox One has registered a victory against the PS4 and Xbox One in the current console wars. This gen the Xbox One has been outgunned by the PS4, with Sony’s console believed to have sold well over double the amount of Microsoft’s latest. The Xbox makers no longer reveal how many consoles they’ve sold but estimates given at the start of this year put this to be around the 41million marker.

The PS4 meanwhile has sold over 100million units and recently became the second best selling home console in history.

Meanwhile the latest Switch figures show Nintendo’s hit hybrid console has sold 41.67 million since launching back in 2017.

If the estimated Xbox sales figures are true, it means the Switch has sold a similar amount as the Xbox despite being out for three and a half years less.

It remains to be seen where the Xbox stands in relation to the PS4 and Switch once this generation is over.

But in the meantime Microsoft’s console has managed to score a surprise victory against the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

As reported on in a post by GamesIndustryBiz, the Xbox One managed to outsell both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch over Black Friday in the UK.

More than 100,000 Xbox One machines were sold last week with the All-Digital version the most successful edition of them all.

This edition of the Xbox One was heavily discounted with Tesco selling it for £110 and other retailers selling it for £129.99.


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The Nintendo Switch also had some great discounts over Black Friday with the recently released lite version of the console down to £179.99.

Other bundles which offered gamers saw titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Pokemon Sword or Shield included with a console.

The red box Nintendo Switch which boasts a better life than the original model released in 2017 was the best selling version of the console.

Despite the Xbox One selling more units than the Switch, the Switch was the number one console in terms of revenue due to its higher price point.

The PS4 managed to sell just over 60,000 units last week during the Black Friday sales.


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In other Xbox news, it’s emerged that the Xbox Two looks like it won’t have one major feature that the PS5 will boast when the next gen consoles arrive in 2020.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Two will be launching during the holiday 2020 period, so these new consoles should be out before Christmas next year.

And it looks like the PS5 will have one major feature that the Xbox Two won’t have when the new Microsoft and PlayStation consoles land.

Phil Spencer has recently revealed one interesting tidbit of information about what the future holds for the Xbox brand.

The Xbox bigwig has revealed that Microsoft are not planning on releasing a VR headset for the Xbox Two.

On Twitter Spencer said: “I’ve said publically, I love how our industry has pioneered: AI, physics, 3D, RT, VR/AR etc.

For us, it’s about focus on our innovations right now. I’ve played some great VR games, I got to play HL:Alyx in the summer, amazing.

It’s just not our focus with Scarlett”.

Sony, meanwhile, has sold over four million PSVR headsets are heavily rumoured to be working on a PSVR 2 headset for the PS5.

If Xbox are shying away from launching a VR headset then that opens the door to Sony having a monopoly on that corner of the market in the next-gen.

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