Xbox Scarlett release date news: New console skipping X019 Microsoft live stream?

It’s hard to predict what exactly will be included in a big Xbox One Live stream event being hosted by Microsoft.

But one thing that fans thought they might hear more about is the new Xbox Scarlett console. Perhaps not a full release date or price, but something to keep fans informed of its progress.

Now, however, it appears that the Xbox Scarlett will be skipping the event entirely. XO19 is a big Microsoft event being held in London which is kicking off later today, November 14.

It will run for a few days and include plenty of Xbox One experiences for fans and attendees to enjoy.

It will also include a special Inside Xbox Live Stream that anyone can watch online on YouTube and Twitch (embed below).

Xbox fans can tune in to watch all the news unfold from 8pm, GMT, later today.

“We’re incredibly excited to be in London this week with our local community and those joining us online from around the world,” a message from the Microsoft Xbox team explains.

“We resurrected our X0 event last year because bringing everyone together to celebrate our shared love of games is very important for us and, more importantly, our community.

“Inside Xbox will be jam-packed with news for all gamers, including 12 games from Xbox Game Studios.

“Yes, that includes brand new game reveals, plus big news for Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud and much more.

“Inside Xbox will welcome representatives to our stage from Rare, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, inXile, Mojang, and Xbox Publishing to name a few.

“Fans will also get to see what our friends at Respawn Entertainment, Annapurna Interactive, Devolver Digital, and other studios are working on. We can’t spoil the surprises just yet, but we can’t wait to show all our fans what we have in store.

“The X019 celebration will continue live from London on Friday and Saturday with online programming (including panels, Let’s Play sessions, and much more) that celebrates and expands upon the announcements from Thursday’s episode of Inside Xbox.”

Not mentioned among the new announcements is Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft’s next console launching in 2020.

And it appears that XO19 will just be focused on big news covering games and things like Project xCloud.

Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg revealed as much online earlier today, telling fans on Twitter that Project Scarlett is set to skip the live stream event.

One fans asked: “I’m assuming that this is all about games games games, no Scarlett news will be there, or can’t answer?”

Greenberg replied: “Correct, next year is all about Project Scarlett, #X019 is all about the games!”

This will come as a bit of a disappointment for fans, who have been waiting to hear more about the new console from Microsoft.

Set to be the direct rival of the PS5, Project Scarlett will be a massive step up from the current-gen Xbox One X.

Plenty is still unknown about the console and it appears we won’t be getting an update later today.

Fans will still have their finger’s crossed regarding news about the games that might appear on Project Scarlett at a later date.

It looks like there will be plenty of cross-gen titles to talk about, not to mention whatever is being planned for Project xCloud.

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