Xbox Series X pre-order blow, but Series S stock is still available

Xbox Series X pre-orders have been flying off the shelves as gamers around the world get ready for the upcoming launch of the next console generation. The Xbox Series X is the “fastest, most powerful console ever” produced by Microsoft, and will be launching alongside the cheaper Xbox Series S next-gen console on November 10. Pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launched last week, with Xbox Series X pre-orders getting quickly snapped.

However, it has emerged that some of those lucky enough to bag an Xbox Series X pre-order may have to wait longer than expected for their console to arrive.

According to a post by What Hi-Fi, some retailers are warning that Xbox Series X and PS5 pre-orders may not be with customers for launch day.

Amazon are one of the retailers who have sent e-mails out to customers warning about pre-order stock for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The news was highlighted by IGN’s Jonathan Dornbush who on Twitter posted: “Getting the same email from Amazon about potential Xbox Series X launch day delays as they sent for my PS5 preorder.

“Definitely seems like they’re just covering their bases for whatever happens.”

Elsewhere ShopTo have also e-mailed some PlayStation fans who managed to get a PS5 pre-order to inform them that they won’t be getting their console for release day.

At the time of writing, no retailer in the UK has either Xbox Series X or PS5 pre-orders available.

Fans of either systems will surely be keeping their fingers crossed that more pre-order stock becomes available ahead of the console’s November release dates.

But in the meantime if you like what you’ve seen of Xbox’s plans for the next-gen then you can reserve an Xbox Series S right now.

Xbox Series S pre-orders are available at a number of retailers – with GAME and Smyths Toys having stock available.

Smyths Toys is selling the Xbox Series S console on its own while GAME is offering a range of bundles for the next-gen console.

The Xbox Series S is a digital-only next-generation console that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

It costs £249.99, compared to the £449.99 of the Xbox Series X. While the PS5 Digital Edition is priced at £359 and the PS5 with a 4K disc drive £449.

The Xbox Series S, like its bigger sibling, boasts a super fast CPU, a solid state hard drive for speedy loading times and plays the same games.

The main difference is the Xbox Series X features a much better GPU, and is built for 4K gaming (and capable of 8K) while Series S is built for 1440p at 120 FPS.

It does have a 4K upscaler though, and will be capable of one of the big next-gen features – ray tracing.

This is a lighting effect which helps to create much more realistic visuals.

If you’re looking to get onboard the next-gen train from day one, and are eager to get a pre-order in now, then the Xbox Series S is a great option.

And both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have both recently become even more enticing options that to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

The major deal means highly anticipated next-gen games such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 will be on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

While tonnes of other Bethesda titles will be making its way to Xbox Game Pass, such as DOOM Eternal in October.

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