Xbox Series X/S Speeds Up Boot Times

While the most obvious ways console creators can improve their products is by making games look and feel better, there are other ways in which the overall experience can be improved. How long a player is made to wait via startups and load times, for example. Xbox recently managed to reduce the former significantly, cutting the Series X|S's startup time by more than half.

Rumblings that the newest Xbox consoles were firing up faster started to appear on social media over the weekend. Those rumblings were confirmed by Xbox's director of integrated marketing Josh Munsee (via The Verge). Munsee confirmed he and a small team shaved a full five seconds off the consoles' startup animation, cutting it from nine seconds to just four.

If your own personal Xbox startup doesn't feel any quicker than usual, there are two potential reasons for that. For starters, the new quicker startup only appears to have been rolled out to Xbox Insiders for the time being. Console and PC owners who have signed up for the Insider program so they can be the guinea pigs on which new features like this one can be tested, allowing them to experience them before everyone else.

Once the faster startup is rolled out to everyone else, you will first need to make sure your Xbox is equipped with the right settings to make sure it is ready to go quicker than usual. The quick startup will only work when your console is in Energy Saver mode as opposed to Standby. It will make the overall startup process around 15 seconds long as opposed to 20. Another pro for Energy Saver mode on top of the lower amount of electricity it uses compared to Standby mode.

The quest to make startups and load times as fast as possible is where a pretty major battle continues to be fought during this current generation. Both PlayStation and Xbox have been doing whatever possible to cut load times to an absolute minimum. On a game available on both platforms that looks and plays the exact same way regardless, something as seemingly insignificant as how long you're made to wait between levels and cutscenes could well be the kicker.

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