Yooka-Laylee Developer Playtonic Issues Warning About Lil Gator Game Scam

The studio behind the popular Yooka-Laylee franchise, Playtonic, recently issued a warning about a scam which has been making the rounds over the course of this past week. The matter concerns a fake beta test for the upcoming Lil Gator Game which is being published by the company. The developer notes that an open beta is not currently in the works or even planned for the near future.

The news comes from the official Twitter account for Playtonic. Someone seems to be offering an opportunity to participate in a fake beta test for Lil Gator Game by email and social media. The developer, MegaWobble, is aiming to release the game for the Nintendo Switch and PC at some point later this year, but there is no fixed release date for the moment.

"It has come to our attention that someone is offering beta testing for Lil Gator Game,” Playtonic remarked on Twitter. “We can confirm this is a scam and not from Playtonic or Lil Gator Game. If we were offering this to our communities, we would announce it on our Twitter and not via any other channels.”

The publisher advises potential players to avoid the supposed beta test. "Please do not click the links provided in the scam message! If you receive any suspicious messages claiming to be from Playtonic, please let us know,” Playtonic points out. “Stay safe, everyone."

Lil Gator Game falls into the adventure genre, featuring plenty of exploration, crafting, and some interesting character development. The game apparently takes place on a mostly deserted island. According to the Steam page which has been set up for this upcoming title, players will be able to “embark on an adorable adventure, discover new friends, and uncover everything the island has to offer. Climb, swim, glide, and slide your way into the hearts of the many different characters you meet on your travels!”

MegaWobble describes Lil Gator Game as a “no-pressure adventure game! Lil Gator Game focuses on adventure and play, don’t let a health bar hold you back from reaching your goal!”

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