Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud 64 Is A New Fan Game Where You Run From The IRS

Do you know what Yoshi has always needed? Tax fraud. Dodging the IRS like the little green dinosaur he is – that's what Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud 64 is all about. It's a fan-made game coming out on December 31 so get your shredder handy, your running boots on, and your sketchy accountant on speed dial.

The game was announced back in 2019 but followers thought development had stopped with little word from creator Cheezepin (thanks, GamesRadar). However, they've dropped a "final trailer" that said, "No, it's not dead. Yes, I'm still working on it. Yes, it's still coming out. God please help me."

You can partake in such fun activities as working a minimum wage job, going to court, riding minecarts, buying cosmetics, gambling all your earnings, ziplining, running from rolling rocks, breaking out of prison, and "[playing] GTA, basically." It even features cameos of beloved characters like Wario who you can also play as, along with a bunch of big bad bosses that you can fight to keep the IRS at bay a little longer.

"After developing an anime addiction and being laid off from his job, Yoshi refuses to pay his taxes, leading the IRS to hop on his tail," the official website stated. "Though he'll run into many hijinks in his escape, he may find something bigger than himself or his dues."

Granted, it's an unofficial fan game, so don't expect to play Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud 64 on the N64, let alone the Nintendo Switch. You're better off getting a somewhat stable PC running and a controller. Then you can dive in and deck out your Yoshi in Subway caps and Wario hats.

They have a few other games in development as well such as Anime Fighter 64 and DogCollab. The former is touted as "Marios first 3D fighting game," but if you'd rather test the waters and try one of their released games, they also have RythMario Project 64.5 and GoldenSun 64, a Final Fantasy-like Mario RPG.

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