You Can Actually Catch The First Stalker In The Last Of Us Part 2

Encountering the first enemy of a game is usually met with some trepidation. The first Stalker that emerges in Naughty Dog’s harrowing sequel The Last of Us 2 actually runs away from you, and most people would just let it do its thing. One Redditor, however, wanted to move in for the kill.

Fans of the survival RPG are growing more confident with every playthrough they complete, uncovering more and more content along the way. An out-of-bounds explorer recently discovered the microscopic detail that Naughty Dog poured into The Last of Us 2 in particular, including character fingerprints. The extent of the game’s hidden features may never be fully realized, but at least the experience of playing the game multiple times will render your courage bulletproof when facing the Infected.

Redditor ‘razeric’ demonstrated the benefit of being an experienced The Last of Us 2 player by actively chasing down the first Stalker of the game. While Ellie is exploring the office blocks of Seattle, a speedy Infected runs outside the workspace door, and most would normally ignore it and carry on. Instead, this Redditor chases after it before lashing out to strike its mutated body. Because of its speed, the technique involved in catching the Stalker is to sprint after it as soon as it appears, which should give you just enough time to catch up to it.

Another beneficial discovery that was shared recently involves the perfect technique to escape Bloaters. This Redditor posted their knowledge about a unique dive maneuver that will aid your confrontation with the bulbous Infected. The technique involves Ellie diving backward when face-to-face with a Bloater, and in doing so, you are then able to aim your shotgun whilst falling and shoot the enemy from the ground before it has time to approach.

A rumor has also been circling about the possibility of a PS5 update for The Last of Us 2, and one fan has created a mockup of what that might look like. The YouTuber leaned into the technology of AI scaling and other editing software to emulate how the game would operate on the PS5, and it certainly made us hope that the rumor is true.

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