You Can Get Critical Role’s Hot Topic Merch Right Now

Official Critical Role merchandise at Hot Topic that had been previously discovered by various enthusiastic Critters is now officially available for sale in stores and online in the U.S. and Canada.

The four shirts and one sweatshirt/hoodie in question were announced early Thursday morning on Critical Role’s Twitter account, and retweeted by several of the weekly D&D show’s cast members.

The merch consists of four t-shirts; three referencing The Mighty Nein, the adventuring party of the second campaign of the show, and one with the logo of Critical Role. There is also a hoodie being sold that, similar to one of the shirts, features Critical Role’s logo. The merchandise was expertly designed by artists and Critters Crystal, Wendy Sullivan, and Selina Espiritu.

These clothing items are all exclusive to Hot Topic, and therefore are not sold on Critical Role’s online shop or by any other vendors.

The merchandise could be seen in various Hot Topic stores over a week before the announcement had officially been made, causing Critters to flock to the stores across the nation in search for these hidden gems, spurred on by fans posting pictures of their finds.

Laura Bailey also made an official announcement on Thursday night’s livestream with some of the cast members featuring the different shirts and one sweatshirt/hoodie that Hot Topic is currently selling.

She also mentioned that the merch might already be on backorder in stores and online (which is not too surprising given the overall positive feedback to this announcement) but to inquire about availability in the stores anyway if possible. Other cast members suggested using this as a way to get Hot Topic employees to watch the show as well.

As of the writing of this article, you can purchase these exclusive Critical Role clothing items on Hot Topic’s online store for a 20% discount off each item. You can purchase Critical Role‘s officially licensed merch at Hot Topic stores nationwide as well as online.

You can also catch Critical Role live weekly on Thursdays at 7pm PST on their Twitch channel.

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